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You can’t change history, but you can change the consequences

Last week I tackled the first two items on my self-challenge list of who have been the most significant contributors throughout history to making the world a better place.  I got through the enormous challenge of women’s rights and children’s … Continue reading

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The greatest ___________ (fill in the blank); how do we decide who or what is most important to count?

Last week I shared the Charles Schulz’s philosophy on what’s most important to us all.  The piece starts with a list of what defines success to many people: extreme wealth, winning pro athletes, beauty pageant winners, Nobel and Pulitzer Prize … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday: how do we change this reality?

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Emancipation Day comes to Canada

There’s so much happening in our little corner of Canada this weekend. You might say that in New Brunswick we are being emancipated from the emergency restrictions put in place to combat COVID.  Starting yesterday, the province that cut off … Continue reading

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Indigenous History Month: What do baby steps in Reconciliation look like?

Last week’s post in recognition of National Indigenous History Month focused on one of the ugliest truths of the Canadian government’s heinous assaults on the Indigenous Peoples, the residential school system.  There’s a long list of egregious government policies and … Continue reading

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Thoughtful Thursday: when will we ever learn?

A quote by human rights activist Mohamad Safa (incorrectly attributed to Nelson Mandela on social media platforms, but I’m sure Mandela would have agreed with it). Can we at least hope these hurtful divisions will decrease with each succeeding generation?  … Continue reading

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I’d like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony

For those of you who remember it, you may be surprised to learn that the catchy song I’d Like To Teach The World To Sing – yes, the Coke ad – is now 50 years old. Fifty years old! And … Continue reading

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A COVID kind of year-end

Usually this is the week when I review my success or lack thereof with my New Year’s resolutions from the past year and decide on my resolutions for the coming year. I’ve been doing this all my life; it didn’t … Continue reading

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