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What’s your metaphor for life? According to Oprah, it’s running!

Yes, according to Oprah Winfrey, running is not only a good metaphor for life or an appropriate metaphor for life, it’s the greatest metaphor for life. For Oprah, who famously ran the Marine Corps Marathon back in 1994 (when she … Continue reading

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So you want to be a 90-year-old runner

Hmm, my guess is that being able to run at 90 isn’t at the top of most people’s wish lists.  Maybe being alive and healthy at 90?  Maybe being alive at 90 only if healthy?  But running, not so much … Continue reading

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Setting goals to inspire you … or scare you!

Recently I came across a blog post that presents a checklist of some pretty darn thought-provoking tips about setting goals that will really inspire you.  It so happens that the focus of this blog, Mark B’s Big Adventures on Average … Continue reading

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On the 10-year anniversary of my NYC marathon, a special Run for Veterans

Today is the 50th running of the famed New York City Marathon.  Ten years ago, on a crisp, sunshiny fall morning, my brother and I joined the throng of runners at the starting line of the NYC marathon.  We were … Continue reading

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Being thankful in Rome … virtually

I did it! This Canadian Thanksgiving weekend I completed the Conqueror Challenge called St. Francis Way, virtually travelling from Florence to Rome.  I last posted about this personal quest in March, so it’s taken me quite a while, but it’s … Continue reading

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The power of a smile … OK, and the power of running

As the (nearly 100-year old) song goes, When you’re smiling, when you’re smiling, The whole world smiles with you. Last week our community, and especially our very large running community, lost someone whose smile was legend.  He was my former … Continue reading

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Fitness is freedom

Fitness is freedom.  I wonder how many of us have ever considered this sage bit of philosophizing.  I hadn’t.  As I whizzed down an aisle in our local supermarket a week or so ago, following the COVID arrows in the … Continue reading

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Run-walking my way through Tuscany – virtually

A few months ago I posted that I had begun a virtual challenge – within my own timeframe and my own personally acceptable modes of trekking – to trek the St Francis Way.  I chose it because the 503 kms … Continue reading

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