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Gratitude, a poem from Hermit’s Door

A blogger at Hermit’s Door has been regularly posting moving personal poems inspired by the emotional experience of navigating the journey of caring for his mother in her time of decline. They are all impactful, and his most recent poem … Continue reading

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Lessons from farming, revisited

I’m going in for shoulder replacement surgery on my right shoulder tomorrow morning, which means my right hand and arm will be out of commission for a few weeks. When I lamented that I wouldn’t be able to blog for … Continue reading

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What will the world be like for our grandchildren? Well, what was the world like for our grandparents?!

Recently, one of my favourite blogging friends, Rita, at Living the Country Life My Way, made a comment on my AI and ChatGPT blog post that got me thinking. Her comment, apropos of advanced AI, was, “Truly scary now and … Continue reading

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Who’s your hero?

This past weekend, while I was sticking to indoor activities as Mother Nature reminded us just how cold she could make it go outside (-44C/-47F with wind chill), I came across something in Todd Fulginiti’s blog called Who’s on Your … Continue reading

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You can become a caregiver at any age; you don’t necessarily know when or for whom

I know, not the cheeriest of topics, is it?!  But, to put it in perspective, it’s not about war, famine, climate catastrophes, oppression, discrimination, misogyny, or new geopolitical standoffs.  See, not so bad after all, is it? My husband and … Continue reading

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Decluttering February is back!

I was going to post about AI and Aging today or tomorrow, but some unexpected interest in my blog post of January 31 last year reminded me of the brilliant concept of Decluttering February.  How could I have forgotten?!  So … Continue reading

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Family literacy, what’s that all about?

Another special day few have ever heard of (Sorry, Roy): today, January 27, is Family Literacy Day in Canada.  I hadn’t heard of this before seeing a posting on Facebook last week, but I really like the idea.  Family Literacy … Continue reading

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Thoughtful Thursday: What’s really important in life?

Sadly, this week we found ourselves attending the funeral of a long-time friend, someone whose family and friends have been left to grieve, especially her husband, for whom life can never be the same.  Sadly as well, this is the … Continue reading

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