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On Mother’s Day, life lessons from my mother-in-law

Mother’s Day, 2017. Considering that I had more time with my mother-in-law (38 years) than with my Mom (28 years, until her untimely death), it seems fitting that, along with my own mother, I think of our family’s Mum/Grandma/Great Grandma … Continue reading

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Living your dash, remembering to take stock

Last week was a sad and sobering one for me. Two people whose lives had intersected with mine in very different ways passed away in the same week. The reality is that death is part of life, and at my … Continue reading

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Let’s think of snow and cold as stress relievers

In a bid to take a break from the anguish of the world according to Trump, I’m switching my focus to reflecting on the simple joys of winter. We’re lucky this year; there’s lots of it to make us feel … Continue reading

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“Planned obsolescence” for appliances is bad enough, but mattresses too?!

We first learned about the changes in life expectancies for household appliances a few years ago, when we had catastrophic ice damage to our house. Near the end of the very long winter of 2013-14, it finally warmed up enough for … Continue reading

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Ageism: please don’t call me “dear”

Apparently it’s called “benevolent prejudice”, the tendency to see older people as “friendly” but “incompetent” and to treat them accordingly. And apparently, women encounter this phenomenon more often than men. I remember my mother-in-law being treated like this, not infrequently, … Continue reading

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5 more advantages of getting old(er)

From comments and reflections from my previous post on 5 advantages of getting old(er), it seems that I am not the only one thinking about this. Let’s try a few more. Again, in no particular order: You have the privilege … Continue reading

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Landscape and identity

It’s been late in coming, but 2016 is finally giving us a real, honest-to-goodness cold snap, even if it’s already the middle of February and it’s only going to last for three days. I look out the window at the … Continue reading

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