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2022 – Make it a Green Year!

The person tasked with engaging and educating students and staff on sustainability at my university has posted some very useful and, importantly, manageable Tips for Living Green in 2022.  I’m sharing this post in its entirety, with a few minor … Continue reading

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Map Monday: COP26, outcomes, a few maps and lots of charts

As of this past weekend, the much anticipated COP26 has wrapped up its deliberations.  Wrapped up are the presentations, pleas, protests, political posturing, and final compromise agreement.  Sorry, folks, but compromises and grand talk with insufficient action is too little, … Continue reading

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Another Remembrance Day. Please let us not forget.

Another Remembrance Day.  Most allied nations have been honouring Remembrance Day for 103 years now.  That’s a long time.  How are we doing in faithfully remembering and being grateful for those who sacrificed for our freedoms and safety?  Do we … Continue reading

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The greatest ___________ (fill in the blank); how do we decide who or what is most important to count?

Last week I shared the Charles Schulz’s philosophy on what’s most important to us all.  The piece starts with a list of what defines success to many people: extreme wealth, winning pro athletes, beauty pageant winners, Nobel and Pulitzer Prize … Continue reading

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A good news story from Pakistan … think trees

I don’t usually post a story straight from a news source, but I really want to share this one, and many (aka most) readers don’t follow links to external sources.  So rather than simply provide this link to Tik Root’s … Continue reading

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From orangutans to mosquitos in just 24 hours

Last week a fellow blogger, Debra Purdy Kong, alerted her readers to the fact that August 12 was World Elephant Day. Being someone who is very concerned about the number of the world’s animals whose survival is endangered and even … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday: please don’t let it come to this

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Earth Day, a celebration or a chance for redemption?

Today, April 22, marks 51 years since the world first celebrated Earth Day.  Since April 22, 1970.  Fifty-one years ago we could still convince ourselves that we could get things under control.  We could lessen our use of fossil fuels … Continue reading

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