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6 worthy sayings for the workplace, revisited

This is my last surgery-induced reblog offering. I’m hoping that my right hand will be ready to type new thoughts within a few days. This short post was written more than 10 years ago. Little did I know then that … Continue reading

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5 Mentoring tips for women, revisited

This is a topic for which I have quite a lot of passion. It turns out that I wrote this blog post more than 10 years ago, and yet very little has changed. At the very least, not enough has … Continue reading

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Elon Musk’s advice on success. Hmm, not so sure.

A few days ago fellow blogger AP2 at blog Clear Air Turbulence included the following quote by Elon Musk as part of his Friday collection of quotes, chosen to make us think and inspire. “Never attach yourself to a person, … Continue reading

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When helping helps

Wars, disease, famine, and oppression are having devastating impacts on untold numbers of people around the world. In the “wealthy countries” we are seeing an alarming rise in the number of people who find themselves homeless. For decades homelessness was … Continue reading

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Women in Leadership Roles, tell me we’re making real progress … please

That may seem like a strange plea for me to make, especially on the same day that Nancy Pelosi delivers a gracious speech to Congress in announcing that she is stepping down after 20 years in her Democratic leadership role. … Continue reading

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Small Talk – better for your health than Vitamin C?!

A few weeks ago a good friend of mine mentioned she’d heard a radio piece that revealed a surprising fact: small talk is good for you. [She also mentioned that she thought it’d be a good topic for a blog … Continue reading

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Peace and Gratitude, why do they continue to be so elusive?

Thanks to a lovely post by fellow blogger Rose Vettleson yesterday entitled Peace, Hope, and Coincidences  and a Facebook post by another friend (thanks, Shelley), I’ve discovered this week that September 21 is not only the first day of fall, … Continue reading

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The (Queen’s) Queue took on a life of its own. How do we replicate that spontaneous culture of community and kindness to others?

Yesterday Queen Elizabeth II was laid to rest at the conclusion of an unparalleled display of pageantry, the likes of which may never, ever be seen again. To say that her people did her proud would be a gross understatement. … Continue reading

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