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How to Give ‘Feedback’ to Anyone

Originally posted on Cynthia Reyes :
A team member, working on a project with me years ago, had seen me give feedback to others.  She noticed that I always pointed out ‘the positives’ before getting to what needed improvement, and especially…

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beto o’rourke did something stupefying jaw dropping awe inspiring did I hear him right? my husband says yes, i did lately i’ve been having fantasies of decency but this was real mr.…

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Go-go, go-slow, or no-go?

Go-go, go-slow, or no-go? This might be the question you ask yourself as you wake up on a weekend morning after a late night, knowing that you have lots to accomplish before the day is out. How am I feeling? … Continue reading

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Thinking about how people impact our lives

Today is Thanksgiving Day in Canada and, as Canadians, we have much to be thankful for. This day alone is a gift to be thankful for here in Fredericton, New Brunswick. Calm, crisp, sunny, and brilliantly decorated with the splendor … Continue reading

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Help, I forgot to ac-cen-tu-ate the positive!

I stand accused of having become too negative. Me, little Miss Glass-half-full. Me, who sang Bing Crosby’s song, Ac-cen-tu-ate the Positive, to my university’s former VP Finance, encouraging him to stop spending so much time dwelling on the negative side … Continue reading

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Originally posted on I can't believe it!:
Following is another great poem by Steve Taylor in his latest newsletter. It expresses in poetic form an important truth behind much of what is ‘wrong’ with the world today. The polarity…

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Choosing to be happy

In a recent post, Bucket lists, quests, and meaning in life, I explored the theory that there is more happiness in the pursuit of a personal goal or quest than in the accomplishment itself. Chris Guillebeau described this convincingly and … Continue reading

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