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Map Monday: a potpourri of world maps

This week, something for everyone, I hope. Sharks versus humans.  Humans are terrified of sharks, but clearly it should be the other way around. These are typical killings of sharks by humans and humans by sharks in a given year. … Continue reading

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Social Justice Saturday: Inequality and COVID-19

Social Justice Saturday time. Time to shine a light on another social issue that has become all too exposed by the devastation brought on by COVID. Every country is having to acknowledge the gross disparity in the percentage of COVID … Continue reading

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Social Justice Saturday: introducing a new Robby Robin series

As has been analyzed in blog after blog and media opinion piece after media opinion piece, the global pandemic in which we find ourselves has, along with many hardships and horrifying numbers of deaths, shone a badly needed light on … Continue reading

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World maps can tell so many stories

A number of news stories I’ve read this past week have used maps to tell their story. The data supporting the story, presented in one simple map, tell the tale quite eloquently. Yesterday, for example, I happened upon maps in … Continue reading

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