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Retirement or no retirement, that seems to be a question these days

The expression “Freedom 55” has gone the way of the dodo, and there are more and more articles about 70 being the new 60. Retirement age is being pushed back, and (some) people talk about not being able to imagine … Continue reading

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Philosophy, Buddhism, paths to happiness … and writing

If ever there was a time when people might want to explore new paths to happiness, it is now. The world order has been turned upside down and compassion and civility across political divides is sorely lacking. Possibly because of … Continue reading

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Resettlement: Fractured yet Whole

Originally posted on Duck? Starfish? But…23:
“Oh, poor old Red Island,” dad would intone in a voice heavy with regret. He’s been gone almost thirty-five years but I can see him now, hunched forward in the old wooden rocking chair,…

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Why write? Why blog?

This blog post was motivated by a post from a fellow blogger, DM, who asked so many questions in a recent post that my reply was too long to be typed into the usual comment box. This blogger – Iowan, farmer, … Continue reading

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Why are some blog posts so much more popular than others?!

Like many bloggers – call us recreational bloggers – I write for myself more than for a readership.  After more than 5 years in the blogosphere, some years writing my heart out and other years trying to wean myself from spending too … Continue reading

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#1 rule of writing: put bum in seat

It’s amazing how much you can forget when you go back to work for a year and are forced to put everything you’ve been so engaged in on hold. Like getting back into running. And writing. It’s taking me longer to … Continue reading

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To write is to think

I stopped blogging just over two years ago because, to be honest, it had become too addictive. I’d finish one blog post and then immediately start thinking about what the next one should be. Eventually it dawned on me that … Continue reading

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