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Books, book banning, and Freedom to Read Week

Instilling a love for reading in children is one of the greatest gifts they can be given. Books open doors to beloved characters, new places, and new ideas. Books stimulate our imagination and take us beyond ourselves. And, perhaps most … Continue reading

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Family literacy, what’s that all about?

Another special day few have ever heard of (Sorry, Roy): today, January 27, is Family Literacy Day in Canada.  I hadn’t heard of this before seeing a posting on Facebook last week, but I really like the idea.  Family Literacy … Continue reading

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In praise of reading

It’s happening. Our Book Club is finally starting up again after a few previous attempts when it seemed, prematurely, that COVID protocols were over. This book club is a little unusual in that we have removed the pressure of all … Continue reading

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So many ways to spread the joy of reading

Yesterday a fellow blogger introduced her readers to I Read Canadian Day.  Thanks, Debra.  I was a bit taken aback that I hadn’t heard of this special day before, but in looking it up I see that this is only … Continue reading

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Could you read a book from every country in one year?

That’s the task that British writer and blogger Ann Morgan set for herself back in 2012, inspired by the approaching 2012 London Olympics, to read a book from every country in a year. Just to be clear, that’s 196 books, … Continue reading

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To write is to think

I stopped blogging just over two years ago because, to be honest, it had become too addictive. I’d finish one blog post and then immediately start thinking about what the next one should be. Eventually it dawned on me that … Continue reading

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What do kids read? Everything!

Reading for entertainment, reading for learning and exploring new ideas, reading for escape, reading for inspiration, it’s all good.  That was the general consensus from readers of my post last month entitled “What is a balanced reading diet?”.  People responding … Continue reading

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What is a balanced reading diet?

I should preface this post by admitting that our family probably spends more time reading than many.  Our house is strewn with books, magazines, newspapers, notebooks, odd pieces of paper, and articles open on iPads and computer screens.  All to … Continue reading

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