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Kindness, compassion, and post-truth

My philosophy discussion group is “studying” Post-Truth this term. More often than not we’re exploring a philosophical topic where the ideas are so challenging (along with the writing) that we spend ages trying to make heads or tails of what … Continue reading

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What the Bushmen of the Kalahari can teach us

Who would have thought that the longest “serving” hunter-gatherers on our planet, the San people of southern Africa, more commonly referred to as Bushmen, would have some important reminders for the rest of us. But a Christmas book I just … Continue reading

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24 Acts on Climate Change: What I Can Change

Originally posted on Lifenvi:
(Photo: YPCCC) The average human releases around 5 tonnes of CO2 per year. Is it different in each country? Yes, even just between two people. Developing countries like Pakistan and the Philippines have around 1 tonne…

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Wordless Wednesday – what are we doing to our planet? | Dec 11/19

Thanks to climate change the thinning Arctic sea ice is threatening the Inuit way of life, just as it is the existence of the polar bear. A new app is trying to help!

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Black Friday … or Buy Nothing Day?

I don’t usually do blog posts two days in a row, but a letter to the editor in our local morning paper made me decide to make an exception. Its message is so worth sharing. Full credit to its author, … Continue reading

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Making the Human Race Whole

From Barry Hopewell’s blog I Can’t Believe It!, with thanks. A poem from Steve Taylor‘s November newsletter, with permission. Make as many connections as you can so that this broken world can become whole again. It’s your responsibility to radiate … Continue reading

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Elections, democracy, and doing it right

How to start this post. Writing about voting and representation isn’t easy, especially during an election. But this election in particular has me thinking about our options and how we get this right in the future. I’m not talking about … Continue reading

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