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Gratitude, a poem from Hermit’s Door

A blogger at Hermit’s Door has been regularly posting moving personal poems inspired by the emotional experience of navigating the journey of caring for his mother in her time of decline. They are all impactful, and his most recent poem … Continue reading

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6 worthy sayings for the workplace, revisited

This is my last surgery-induced reblog offering. I’m hoping that my right hand will be ready to type new thoughts within a few days. This short post was written more than 10 years ago. Little did I know then that … Continue reading

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Be Proud

Originally posted on just drive, will you?:
Today, June 1st, is the beginning of Pride Month, a worldwide celebration of the LGBTQ+ community. On the Human Rights Campaign website, it says, “Pride is a joyful celebration of all of the…

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A little humour (humor): dogs, cats, phones, and more

A few chuckles to lighten your day. There’s more along the same lines if these strike your fancy. I’ll be able to add more as soon as my right hand is back in operation. Enjoy! (Many thanks to Janice, Marilyn, … Continue reading

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5 Mentoring tips for women, revisited

This is a topic for which I have quite a lot of passion. It turns out that I wrote this blog post more than 10 years ago, and yet very little has changed. At the very least, not enough has … Continue reading

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Lessons from farming, revisited

I’m going in for shoulder replacement surgery on my right shoulder tomorrow morning, which means my right hand and arm will be out of commission for a few weeks. When I lamented that I wouldn’t be able to blog for … Continue reading

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A little humour (humor): Be warned, these are picture-free, read-only jokes!

Let’s pause all the troubles in the world and find some stories to bring a smile to our faces. There should always be room for a little humour. (With thanks for contributions from Randy, Wynne’s Dad, Marilyn and others on … Continue reading

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What does “enough” really mean?

For those we care about, what do we most frequently wish for them? To be the best they can be? To be successful? To be happy? To find love? To be healthy? To be rich? To own more guns? To … Continue reading

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