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Peace and Gratitude, why do they continue to be so elusive?

Thanks to a lovely post by fellow blogger Rose Vettleson yesterday entitled Peace, Hope, and Coincidences  and a Facebook post by another friend (thanks, Shelley), I’ve discovered this week that September 21 is not only the first day of fall, … Continue reading

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The (Queen’s) Queue took on a life of its own. How do we replicate that spontaneous culture of community and kindness to others?

Yesterday Queen Elizabeth II was laid to rest at the conclusion of an unparalleled display of pageantry, the likes of which may never, ever be seen again. To say that her people did her proud would be a gross understatement. … Continue reading

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In praise of reading

It’s happening. Our Book Club is finally starting up again after a few previous attempts when it seemed, prematurely, that CVID protocols were over. This book club is a little unusual in that we have removed the pressure of all … Continue reading

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Map Monday: Climate Change through the millenia … yikes!

Last week was jammed packed with news of a political nature: a turn in the tide of the horrific war in Ukraine (dare we hope), the announcement of a new prime minister of the UK (the 4th in 6 years), … Continue reading

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Thinking about back-to-school, thinking about teachers, thinking about thinking

I know that school starts at somewhat different times in different places, but wherever I’ve lived throughout my life Labour Day has signaled the end of summer and the beginning of school. Today is the day that those yellow buses … Continue reading

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A little humour (humor) to start off the Labour (Labor) Day Weekend

There are some serious topics to ponder when considering the root of Labour Day and also the beginning of a new school year. However, today isn’t that day. I’ve been saving up some light material to share, and what better … Continue reading

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Lessons for a happy life according to dogs – and cats

Time to take another break from thinking too hard and worrying too much about the state of our world. Let’s turn our attention to some of the good things in life, our pets. Lately a heartwarming tale about a young … Continue reading

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Metaphors for life: instead of Oprah’s running, let’s try farming!

“Life is just a bowl of cherries” proclaims one song. And that’s just one example of a metaphor for life. You can find plenty of other suggestions, from a box of chocolates to running (especially that it’s a marathon, not … Continue reading

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