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Net Curtains

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Industrial fishing is the biggest threat to our blue planet. So why don’t we act on it? By George Monbiot, published in the Guardian 9th May 2019 It is the … Source: Net Curtains

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I’m pro-choice because I’m pro-life — Doubting Believer

If people genuinely wish to live in a society that is truly pro-life, then promoting laws and programs that provide adequate support systems for those who are alive (quality public education for all, affordable and accessible health care, parental leave, … Continue reading

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Looking at aging with the glass half full

“If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands …” If everyone were to sing this well-known ditty, which age groups would clap the loudest? 1-5 year olds? 10-20 year olds? 40-50 year olds? 70-80 year olds? If you … Continue reading

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Planning the biggest party of your life, even if you can’t be there

Life provides many opportunities for parties, right? Birthday parties when you’re little. Birthday parties for your kids – one of the most stressful aspects of parenting imaginable in my books. We won’t count all those teen parties that your parents … Continue reading

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Pondering my golden years — from the blog Where on Earth is Francine?

This enjoyable blog post by Francine Sullivan might more appropriately be called “Pondering my pre-golden years”, since I think of the golden years as being, well, let’s say older than Francine.  However, if you’re pondering your retirement years, I hope … Continue reading

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Scientists Rush To Discover Cure For Measles Other Than The One We Already Have

Originally posted on The Out And Abouter:
Two re-researchers, ecstatic at the possibility of re-curing measles. As the recent measles outbreak in the United States rose to levels not seen in 25 years – with over 700 people infected with…

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Rivers, floods, and climate change

It’s spring. Sometimes known in northern reaches such as ours as mud season. To be clear, spring in these parts usually starts several weeks after March 21, after the winter’s snow has really left. And, if you live near a … Continue reading

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