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After a challenging 4th of July, let’s hope some humo(u)r can moderate the gloom

It was already a challenging Independence Day in the U.S. before the terrible, terrible mass shooting in Highland Park turned a happy community parade into everyone’s worst nightmare.  This latest heartbreaking and senseless loss of life served as a dramatic … Continue reading

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On Canada Day, why I love Canada

July 1 is Canada Day – every year.  It’s the birthday of Confederation, the date in 1867 on which Canada ceased to be a British colony and become a country in its own right.  On July 1, 1867 this new … Continue reading

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Will greed and self-interest always overpower compassion and cooperation?

If the current state of the world is anything to go by, the answer to the title question appears to be a resounding YES.  I sure wish I felt otherwise. This post is my response to the third and final … Continue reading

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So you want to be a 90-year-old runner

Hmm, my guess is that being able to run at 90 isn’t at the top of most people’s wish lists.  Maybe being alive and healthy at 90?  Maybe being alive at 90 only if healthy?  But running, not so much … Continue reading

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Today – Summer Solstice – is National Indigenous Peoples Day in Canada

National Indigenous Peoples Day is an important day in Canada, one in which Indigenous peoples celebrate their heritage and non-Indigenous Canadians are encouraged to reflect on the critical importance of turning around the devastation the effects of colonialism have had … Continue reading

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Our relationship with food takes many twists and turns!

Observations about our relationship with food continue to appear regularly in my social media feeds.  Here are a few favourites that I’ve been saving up.  Do any of them offer you any reassurance as to your own preferred eating habits?!

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Did a Google chatbot just “come to life”?

In the news this past week: Google engineer put on leave after saying AI chatbot has become sentient (Guardian) and No, Google’s AI is not sentient (CNN).  What’s this all about?  [For those not familiar with the term, a chatbot … Continue reading

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Golf, greed, gambling, and … a force for good in the world?!

It’s true, I don’t post about sports very often, except for running, of course.  And when I do, it’s usually been to laud statements on human rights that professional athletes have made, using their voice to fight hatred and discrimination.  … Continue reading

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