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Is it simply impossible to lead successfully with kindness, or even with integrity?

It was 3 short months ago when Rishi Sunak pledged to bring integrity and accountability to the office as he became the UK’s newest Prime Minister.  First of all, that pledge speaks volumes as to what he perceived to have … Continue reading

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I don’t know about you, but I could use a little humour (humor) today

A few chuckles always help, right, no matter what? And – although I’m on record as saying that the third Monday in January is not the most depressing day of the year, and although January in our neck of the … Continue reading

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Today, believe it or not, is Blue Monday.  Who thinks of these things?!

Perhaps I’m the only person on the planet who hasn’t known about the somewhat off-putting concept of Blue Monday for the past 18 years, but a casual viewing of the captioned news at the gym yesterday morning, while hard at … Continue reading

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Thoughtful Thursday: What’s really important in life?

Sadly, this week we found ourselves attending the funeral of a long-time friend, someone whose family and friends have been left to grieve, especially her husband, for whom life can never be the same.  Sadly as well, this is the … Continue reading

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Map Monday: Where are all the people?

We humans have been on the move for a long time, a very, very long time.  Movement between countries, cultures, and continents may have seemed to slow down for a brief period of time, but not really so much so.  … Continue reading

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A little humour (humor) to help start the new year off on the right foot

There are lots of messages of hope out there in the ether as we start this new year, even as we remain immersed in war, shifting geopolitical alignments, climate emergencies, concerning inflation, flailing healthcare systems, and divisive politics. As an … Continue reading

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TV, what’s that?!

We received a terrific Christmas gift from our younger son last week, inspired, as it turns out, by a blog post I wrote recently ( #8 on my 2022 blog post hit list): Figuring out how to lead our lives … Continue reading

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The joy blogging brought me in 2022

Like many of us who have been members of the blogosphere, the feeling of community is a very important aspect of the activity.  During the isolating times of the pandemic blogging truly provided me with a lifeline of sanity and … Continue reading

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