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Setting goals to inspire you … or scare you!

Recently I came across a blog post that presents a checklist of some pretty darn thought-provoking tips about setting goals that will really inspire you.  It so happens that the focus of this blog, Mark B’s Big Adventures on Average … Continue reading

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Celebrating winter, snow, and the Canadian outlook that sees us through it!

Winter has arrived in eastern Canada. It took a while to really make its presence known, to make it abundantly clear that, yes, it was here and it was planning to stay. Western Canada, you definitely got an early start … Continue reading

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Map Monday: democracy throughout history

There’s much lamenting these days of the future of democracy as we know it, or rather as we would like it to be.  Sorry to say that, as an example, there is much concern both inside and outside one of … Continue reading

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2022 – Make it a Green Year!

The person tasked with engaging and educating students and staff on sustainability at my university has posted some very useful and, importantly, manageable Tips for Living Green in 2022.  I’m sharing this post in its entirety, with a few minor … Continue reading

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Today is for Introverts. Finally.

This was the header of a promo email I received the other day: ‘Today is for Introverts. Finally.’  As the member of a family that includes many proud introverts (including me), I couldn’t help but be intrigued.  It turns out … Continue reading

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Wow, the knives are out for New Year’s resolutions!

In the last few days leading up to New Year’s Eve, the blogosphere has been filled with people sharing their resolutions for the coming year, and also several who proclaimed that they just didn’t feel they could bring themselves to … Continue reading

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Yearend review: just who the heck reads blog posts anyway, and what do they really like?!

Here we are in that strangest of weeks, when even the news slows down … well sort of.  COVID doesn’t seem to know about the traditional slowdown between Christmas and New Year’s, but we’ll ignore that for the moment.  It’s … Continue reading

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Map Monday: let’s see just how well the world’s been doing

We can use maps to look at what’s happening to our environment around the world.  We can use maps to look at how weather patterns are changing around the world, or at pollution changes in the world.  We can look … Continue reading

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