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Wordless Wednesday | July 8/20

Our destruction of natural habitats of wildlife is what has allowed these new viruses to cross over to humans in the first place. Ebola, HIV/AIDS, SARS, MERS, H1N1, and now the granddaddy of all, COVID-19. The granddaddy of all new … Continue reading

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Map Monday: looking at the history of maps

Thanks to a suggestion from a kind reader (thanks, Karl), today we’re going to take a quick trip through the history of world maps. Stop and think about it for a minute. As I’ve tried to show through past Map … Continue reading

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Social Justice Saturday: introducing a new Robby Robin series

As has been analyzed in blog after blog and media opinion piece after media opinion piece, the global pandemic in which we find ourselves has, along with many hardships and horrifying numbers of deaths, shone a badly needed light on … Continue reading

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A different kind of Canada Day this year, a time for reflection

Today, July 1, is Canada Day. Happy 153rd Birthday, Canada! Usually, when we think of Canada Day we think of a beautiful summer day where communities have parades, outdoor concerts, face painting for kids, birthday cake for all, and the … Continue reading

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Getting relief from troubling times through nature – and maps

Today is Map Monday, but all the maps I’ve been looking at are awfully depressing. They seem to offer yet more evidence of what poor decisions humans have made throughout history. I thought I’d see what maps I could find … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday | June 24/20

Lessons from nature. All tigers are tigers, they get that. Lessons for humans.  

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Celebrating National Indigenous Peoples Day in Canada, yes, on Father’s Day!

Today is National Indigenous Peoples Day in Canada. This year, today is also Father’s Day and that’s what will be forefront in most people’s minds, as would be expected. Fathers are very deserving of their special recognition, especially after 3+ … Continue reading

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A day in the life of a hummingbird

Time to take a break from serious topics, for a day at least; I don’t want to wear you out with an overdose of angst. Instead, today I’m reblogging a lovely piece written by a male hummingbird (well, actually by … Continue reading

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