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My name is Marwa

Originally posted on Reframing Life:
My name is Marwa and I am a resident of Gaza Camp. The inhabitants of Gaza Camp aren’t legally recognized by any country, we are more like visible ghosts. We don’t have a Palestinian passport,…

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Thoughtful Thursday: just be there

Nothing should be easier, right?

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Pay attention, democracy is more fragile than we like to think

A few weeks ago I came across a powerful blog post by Matthew Wright, an historian and author in New Zealand, entitled “Remembering the importance of democracy”. It included an historical synopsis of World War II’s European front that I … Continue reading

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Canada Declares Peace

This gallery contains 15 photos.

Originally posted on The Out And Abouter:
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Normally you would find a satirical article here. In this case, it would attempt to skewer the fetishization of war so banally common in the world today –…

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101 years of Remembrance Days: what we remember and what we keep forgetting

Originally posted on Robby Robin's Journey:
November 11, 2018. One hundred years since the signing of the. Armistice that ended World War I.  One hundred years of remembering the many, many sacrifices made by millions upon millions of people.…

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Orange Shirt Day

Originally posted on The Out And Abouter:
It’s Orange Shirt Day in Canada, when we remember the Indigenous children who were sent to residential schools. For followers of this website unfamiliar with the subject or its details: Starting in the…

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Dear America – a letter from your friend, Canada.

Originally posted on A Sassy Lifestyle Blog:
Dear America, I moved here in August of 2016; three months before your last election. Since then I have held back from sharing my personal political opinions; primarily because I feel that, as…

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The Strange Persistence of First Languages

Originally posted on Musings and Wonderings:
The Strange Persistence of First Languages After my father died, my journey of rediscovery began with the Czech language. BY JULIE SEDIVY ILLUSTRATION BY SARAH MAZZETTI NOVEMBER 5, 2015 Several years ago, my father…

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