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The Strange Persistence of First Languages

Originally posted on Musings and Wonderings:
The Strange Persistence of First Languages After my father died, my journey of rediscovery began with the Czech language. BY JULIE SEDIVY ILLUSTRATION BY SARAH MAZZETTI NOVEMBER 5, 2015 Several years ago, my father…

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How to Plan the BEST Overnight Trip to St. Andrews, New Brunswick — East Coast Mermaid

I promised I was going to start a series of blog posts describing what a special place Atlantic Canada is to come on your vacation. My first stop on this virtual tour will be my home province of New Brunswick, … Continue reading

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Net Curtains

Originally posted on Musings and Wonderings:
Industrial fishing is the biggest threat to our blue planet. So why don’t we act on it? By George Monbiot, published in the Guardian 9th May 2019 It is the … Source: Net Curtains

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I’m pro-choice because I’m pro-life — Doubting Believer

If people genuinely wish to live in a society that is truly pro-life, then promoting laws and programs that provide adequate support systems for those who are alive (quality public education for all, affordable and accessible health care, parental leave, … Continue reading

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Scientists Rush To Discover Cure For Measles Other Than The One We Already Have

Originally posted on The Out And Abouter:
Two re-researchers, ecstatic at the possibility of re-curing measles. As the recent measles outbreak in the United States rose to levels not seen in 25 years – with over 700 people infected with…

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Senior Living

Originally posted on A Sassy Lifestyle Blog:
Senior Living Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a senior citizen? Neither had I. My parents have been in a seniors apartment building for the past five years or so.…

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Walls or Bridges? — the circle of life

This story – or parable – about a very wise carpenter is worth sharing. Food for thought. Thanks to I used to tell a story in my days working in libraries with kids, and its been on my mind … Continue reading

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