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Originally posted on Tea and Toast with Kindness:
beto o’rourke did something stupefying jaw dropping awe inspiring did I hear him right? my husband says yes, i did lately i’ve been having fantasies of decency but this was real mr.…

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A new story for small children: Splash Pads and Peppa Pig

With apologies to the brilliant creators of Peppa Pig. Our small grandsons love Peppa Pig, and one of them loved our local Splash Pad when they visited. It seemed like a logical combination to try in a story line that would appeal to … Continue reading

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The Case of the Missing Toys, and conundrums in writing for children

One of my New Year’s resolutions was to write a new children’s story, maybe even a series.  I’ve had an idea for a new story line in mind for some time; it includes at least two children who are recent immigrants … Continue reading

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Running, blogging, and the spirit of recognition

Running is notorious for embracing everyone, regardless of shape, size, colour, or age. OK, maybe not the really competitive runners, but I’m talking about that vast army of recreational runners who get off on seeing how well they can perform … Continue reading

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Happy Easter, Happy Passover, Happy April Fool’s Day, and … Happy National Poetry Month!

Yes, it’s true, aside from being both Easter and April Fool’s Day (which seems a bit unseemly, but there you go), today is the start of National Poetry Month. Especially for those of us who live where every year we … Continue reading

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Writing through grief

Journal writing as therapy has been long accepted and encouraged for dealing with grief, trauma, pain, depression, addictions and other challenges we face as human beings.  Psychotherapists use journal therapy as one of their tools, and specialists give workshops in self-reflective … Continue reading

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Philosophy, Buddhism, paths to happiness … and writing

If ever there was a time when people might want to explore new paths to happiness, it is now. The world order has been turned upside down and compassion and civility across political divides is sorely lacking. Possibly because of … Continue reading

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