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What does “enough” really mean?

For those we care about, what do we most frequently wish for them? To be the best they can be? To be successful? To be happy? To find love? To be healthy? To be rich? To own more guns? To … Continue reading

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Thoughtful Thursday: Awe, wonder, and feeling a part of something bigger than ourselves

I don’t know about you, but when I’m doing something that fills me with a sense of wonderment – a sense of awe – I don’t stop and consider what impact this experience might be having on my well-being. However, … Continue reading

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How much have things changed in 40 years?

Going through our stacks of books as we decide which ones might be candidates for our February decluttering, I keep coming across books that I haven’t looked at for a (very) long time but know that I (must) have kept … Continue reading

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Who’s your hero?

This past weekend, while I was sticking to indoor activities as Mother Nature reminded us just how cold she could make it go outside (-44C/-47F with wind chill), I came across something in Todd Fulginiti’s blog called Who’s on Your … Continue reading

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Is it simply impossible to lead successfully with kindness, or even with integrity?

It was 3 short months ago when Rishi Sunak pledged to bring integrity and accountability to the office as he became the UK’s newest Prime Minister.  First of all, that pledge speaks volumes as to what he perceived to have … Continue reading

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Today, believe it or not, is Blue Monday.  Who thinks of these things?!

Perhaps I’m the only person on the planet who hasn’t known about the somewhat off-putting concept of Blue Monday for the past 18 years, but a casual viewing of the captioned news at the gym yesterday morning, while hard at … Continue reading

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Silence can be a source of great strength

It’s difficult to find inner peace these days. The world we thought we knew – at least the bubble some of us lived in – has been disintegrating before our eyes. Nasty politics with questionable policies, chaos in British politics, … Continue reading

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Lessons for a happy life according to dogs – and cats

Time to take another break from thinking too hard and worrying too much about the state of our world. Let’s turn our attention to some of the good things in life, our pets. Lately a heartwarming tale about a young … Continue reading

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