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Map Monday: Taking a look at gun culture, crime, and trust in society

I’m afraid nobody can dispute the fact that gun violence is in the news continually these days, especially in the world’s wealthiest democracy, the United States. Regardless of where you stand on the topic of gun control – at least … Continue reading

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Map Monday: Why do histories of the ancient world ignore so much of the world? What about the Americas?

A friend of mine recently loaned me a book he’d had in his book collection for many years entitled Atlas of World History, vol. one: from the Beginning to the Eve of the French Revolution. It’s a Penguin edition published … Continue reading

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Map Monday: Exploring International Francophonie Day and the francophonie in Canada in maps (and words)

I bet most of you didn’t know that March 20 is International Francophonie Day. Or even what it is! Established in 1970, UNESCO describes the Francophonie as a coming together of nations and states that celebrates the cultural and linguistic … Continue reading

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Map Monday and a little humour (humor) all rolled into one

I haven’t quite landed on the theme for my next “serious” Map Monday, and while I was pondering this deep question it dawned on me that perhaps there are some jokes or cartoons floating around social media about maps. Or … Continue reading

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Map Monday: Shifting borders and power structures are nothing new

One of the main targets of our February Decluttering Challenge is our very healthy collection of books. In perusing what books I might convince myself to part with this past week, I came across two little gems that had been … Continue reading

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Map Monday: Where are all the people?

We humans have been on the move for a long time, a very, very long time.  Movement between countries, cultures, and continents may have seemed to slow down for a brief period of time, but not really so much so.  … Continue reading

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Map Monday: Random maps to provide some “different” perspectives on our world

These maps are taken from recent Bored Panda offerings, which always provide interesting and fun collections. Here are a few that caught my eye; you can check out the full collections at the links below. Enjoy. The United States of … Continue reading

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Map Monday: Climate Change through the millenia … yikes!

Last week was jammed packed with news of a political nature: a turn in the tide of the horrific war in Ukraine (dare we hope), the announcement of a new prime minister of the UK (the 4th in 6 years), … Continue reading

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