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The big blogging question of the day: What lessons have you learned during the pandemic?

Boy, people seem to be learning lots and lots of lessons during these troubling times of pandemic lockdown, if the number of blog posts on this topic are anything to go by. It’s also a question that’s starting to annoy … Continue reading

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Zoo Animals Ask Humans How They Like Being Isolated In Tiny Habitats With Minimal Exercise — The Out And Abouter

Following on yesterday’s post about animals in the wild in Botswana, my favourite satirist, Paul Duncan, gives us an important reminder on behalf of our animal friends in zoos. The COVID-19 pandemic has put us in a human version of … Continue reading

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Looking at demographic changes from 1950-2020 using maps

The maps that I am sharing on today’s Map Monday are taken from an excellent interactive site maintained by the Institut National d’Études Démographiques in France. These are screen shots of a few of the categories of demographic data provided … Continue reading

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Technology – a gift for providing community in troubled times

The Internet was first developed by scientists for scientists, to allow scientists around the world to share data and enhance their ability to add to the body of scientific knowledge. A noble concept! With the now ubiquitous use of the … Continue reading

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Snapshots of our complex world using maps

Here it is, Map Monday, and I thought for this week I’d steer clear of the pandemic sweeping our lives and our world. The multifaceted crisis this pandemic has unleased is challenging our healthcare systems, our economies, our education systems, … Continue reading

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Wisdom from Facebook friends in the midst of world COVID-19 lockdown

I don’t know about you, but with even more time for people to be on Facebook, I find that FB friends are passing along helpful and thoughtful “posters” to help deal with self-isolation, to understand why it’s so critically important, … Continue reading

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Wildlife Wednesday: Shining a light on endangered animals around the world | Mar 4/20

Yesterday, March 3, was World Wildlife Day. It seems only appropriate to continue Robby Robin’s celebration of the animal kingdom on Wildlife Wednesdays by spending some time getting to know the animal species on our planet whose very existence is … Continue reading

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More facts about the world – in 5 more easy maps

Let’s see what world curiosities we can explore on this week’s Map Monday. World’s top tourist destinations according to money spent.   Life expectancy in each country.   Median age in each country. There’s no doubt that, just as the … Continue reading

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