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Thoughtful Thursday: to take care of others, first take care of yourself

Important reminders for us all as we near the 1-year mark of pandemic living. And, remember, taking care of ourselves includes giving ourselves a pass on being all things to all people! Image source: Pinterest  

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Self-kindness includes self-esteem

Two weeks ago I posted about self-kindness and the related benefits of being lazy.  It’s hard not to be attracted by that advice!  In reading about what other advice is out there, one expert suggests that you should concentrate on … Continue reading

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Let’s start with self-kindness – be willing to be lazy

When I mused about planning a year-long birthday project focused on kindness in my previous post, fellow blogger Crystal Byers, who writes the inspiring blog Faith + Gratitude = Peace + Hope, suggested that I could always start with self-kindness. … Continue reading

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Thoughtful (and throwback) Thursday: The answer, my friend, is blowin’ in the wind

My husband and I were treated to a trip down memory lane recently when PBS reran one of their old Legends of Folk Specials, featuring popular singing groups from the 60s performing their hits. We watched and enjoyed the show, … Continue reading

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Thoughtful Thursday: what does leading a good life really mean?

This term the philosophy discussion group I belong to has been exploring what it means to lead a good life, or at least that’s our intended theme. Mostly we try to decipher the convoluted writing of the author of the … Continue reading

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Thankful Thursday: random thoughts

Today is Thanksgiving in America, our neighbours to the south. And on behalf of many, many of your allies around the world, welcome back! We are thankful to know that America is now getting ready to rejoin the world in … Continue reading

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Thoughtful Thursday: The world needs more mensches

One of the most thoughtful posts I’ve read recently was by fellow blogger, Rachel Mankowitz, called Be a Mensch. I had heard the word ‘mensch’ all my life, but clearly didn’t understand what it meant. Thanks to Rachel for providing … Continue reading

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Thoughtful Thursday: reflecting on what’s really important

My, oh, my, but it is easy to get worn down by the divisiveness and vitriol that has spread across the landscape, especially on the news and social media. That, combined with the continued COVID disruption to normal social activity, … Continue reading

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