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In praise of the next generation – and the newest generation

I have been blessed to have had the opportunity to watch many, many young people become responsible, engaging, and impressive adults.  I’ve experienced this with 2 sons, 21 nieces and nephews, children of our friends, and literally hundreds of my … Continue reading

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Lessons learned from watching our bird families

We have been blessed the past few summers. Bird parents of nearly every persuasion have selected our backyard for their nurseries and our feeders as their restaurant of choice. The result has been a “bird’s eye” view of bird parenting … Continue reading

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Birds really do migrate by airplane … sometimes

Last week, in the midst of this record-breaking cold snap (in a region that thought it was used to cold snaps), my husband looked out the winter and exclaimed that Robby Robin had forgotten to go south with his family … Continue reading

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Robby Robin wins his first award; now he needs your help

I am excited to share the news that my first Robby Robin story, No More Worms For Supper, has won first place for Children’s Literature in the Writers’ Federation of New Brunswick annual literary competition.  I love the idea of calling … Continue reading

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Even the animals need to be careful when it’s this cold, including Robby Robin

Much of North America has been struggling to stay warm and safe during this current deep freeze. Our pets don’t want to be outside, even for the most necessary of reasons, and who can blame them.  IT IS COLD! Yesterday, … Continue reading

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To travel or not to travel, that’s rarely been a question at our house

Robby: “Mama, how come we always go to Florida every winter, like Hubie Hummingbird and his family?  Ollie Osprey says his family goes to the Caribbean, and Rosie Grosbeak and her family go to Mexico.  Can’t we go somewhere new … Continue reading

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A bird’s eye view of marathons

“Mama,” asked Robby, “what are all these people doing here? I was going to the park to get some worms, but it’s filled with big white tents and rows and rows of blue closets, and there are people everywhere.”

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