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Map Monday: the future of the Arctic with global warming and economic “opportunity”

As most of you know, the Northwest Passage has been in the sights of explorers and traders for literally centuries.  The dream has always been to find a shorter route from Europe to Asia than going all the way around … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday: our supermarket t-shirts say it best

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Remembrance Day 2020, a year to forget as we remember those who served

As I have written on many Remembrance Days, remembering is something that our town does pretty well.  We live near the largest training base in Canada, with a strong military presence and much pride in that fact. People of all … Continue reading

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Remembering our Indigenous soldiers on the eve of Remembrance Day – a story that needs telling

I will be posting a tribute to all our soldiers on Remembrance Day tomorrow, but when I came across this sobering historical reality and fine tribute I knew I had to share it widely. These words from Ian Anderson speak … Continue reading

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Canada’s most closely guarded secret: October is Women’s History Month

OK, all of you readers who are Canadian women, raise your hand if you knew that October is Canada’s Women’s History Month, so almost over? I’m not raising my hand, or at least I wouldn’t have a few days ago. … Continue reading

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Celebrating Canadian Thanksgiving in 2020: Give thanks, not COVID

Happy Thanksgiving, Canada! For the non-Canadians among you, yes, this is Thanksgiving weekend in Canada. It’s always the second Monday in October, to be precise, but no need to wait until Monday when you’ve got a long weekend. Almost always … Continue reading

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Today is Orange Shirt Day in Canada. Why?

Today, September 30, is Orange Shirt Day in Canada. Orange Shirt Day was inaugurated in 2013 with the goal of increasing awareness of Canada’s history of the indigenous residential school system, a history which is painfully in need of recognition … Continue reading

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Paying tribute to Canada’s greatest hero in the time of COVID

Most Canadians see Terry Fox as symbolizing the very best of our country. At various times he has been voted the greatest sports hero, Canada’s greatest hero, the most popular Canadian, and the #2 Greatest Canadian (second to Tommy Douglas, … Continue reading

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