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A little humour (aka humor) that requires, gasp, reading!

I’ve loaded my readers with some serious topics this past week or so. Time for a lighter tone; let’s take a break with some stress-relieving chuckles. (Thanks to Bill, Marilyn, and a few other friends for providing me with quality … Continue reading

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A little humour (aka humor) to help put life’s challenges in perspective

The stash of humour I collect from my social media feeds just keeps growing. Time to release a few more of them for your enjoyment (with special thanks this time to Bill and Marilyn). They’re all meant to be in … Continue reading

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Map Monday and a little humour (humor) all rolled into one

I haven’t quite landed on the theme for my next “serious” Map Monday, and while I was pondering this deep question it dawned on me that perhaps there are some jokes or cartoons floating around social media about maps. Or … Continue reading

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A little humour (humor) to help guide our nutrition and general well-being

More grist for the laughter mill; it feels like we need laughter more and more just to keep our sanity these days. (Of course, ceasing to watch or read the news would probably work just as well, but wouldn’t be … Continue reading

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A little humour (humor) with a twist

This collection of humour is in story form for a change.  You can’t just look at cartoons to get your chuckles this go-round, reading is required! 😉  As usual, thanks go out to my social media buddies for having shared … Continue reading

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A little humour (humor) that reflects on our world of technology

We (OK, I) started this year – and this month – with some much needed humour. Let’s end the month the same way; laughter remains as needed as ever. I’ve collected quite a stash from my various social media feeds … Continue reading

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I don’t know about you, but I could use a little humour (humor) today

A few chuckles always help, right, no matter what? And – although I’m on record as saying that the third Monday in January is not the most depressing day of the year, and although January in our neck of the … Continue reading

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Today, believe it or not, is Blue Monday.  Who thinks of these things?!

Perhaps I’m the only person on the planet who hasn’t known about the somewhat off-putting concept of Blue Monday for the past 18 years, but a casual viewing of the captioned news at the gym yesterday morning, while hard at … Continue reading

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