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After a challenging 4th of July, let’s hope some humo(u)r can moderate the gloom

It was already a challenging Independence Day in the U.S. before the terrible, terrible mass shooting in Highland Park turned a happy community parade into everyone’s worst nightmare.  This latest heartbreaking and senseless loss of life served as a dramatic … Continue reading

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With so much despair in the world, maybe a little humour can help … a bit!

So many events in the world are tearing us apart. I’ll get to what I hope will bring you a few laughs, but first I need to unburden myself of some  of what’s causing my despair.  This is, sadly, hardly … Continue reading

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America, what’s happening to you?

For those of us watching from the outside it’s simply impossible to process the levels of senseless violence within your borders, America. This is the country which others have looked to with admiration for generations for the opportunity and innovation … Continue reading

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My home town makes national and international news, for the worst possible reason

My husband and I are certifiable news junkies. Every day we sit in the same room together, reading articles on our devices from around the world. We keep picking up our devices to check to see if something new has happened … Continue reading

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The Florida teens show the way on gun control

The children survivors of the Sandy Hook school massacre were too young to have a voice and their parents were drowned out. The survivors of the Las Vegas massacre found no voice against the NRA or their NRA-beholden politicians; instead they … Continue reading

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How do we combat hatred?

The pursuits of a normal day are, for the most part, likely to be mundane and trivial, but put together they are what defines our lives. It is the little things that make the difference. Everyday interactions can be tedious … Continue reading

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