Looking for a race that includes more than one country? Look no further!

In an effort to try to think about something other than the unsettling state of the world, I’ve spent some time today looking into opportunities around the world for people to come together for running races with a difference – ones that encompass more than one country. The idea of cross-border races popped into my head because I knew that such a thing exists and, given that borders between countries seem to be thickening at alarming rates, including the one south of us, I wondered how many such events might be available. Runners and spectators alike always have so much fun at destination runs, cross-border races might be something that should encouraged to improve cross-border relations. Who knows?  What better way to promote understanding between nations than bringing people together through sweat, sneakers, sore muscles, Gatorade, and exchanges of race swag!

My Sunday afternoon research suggests that unless there are many cross-border running races that have not bothered with any online presence (which would be really, really counterproductive for them), there are precious few. Most of these are between Canada and the U.S., but there were a few interesting surprises.

  1. The Bay of Fundy International Marathon, which happens to be very near where I live, is set in an utterly charming location. Runners start in the small town of Lubec, Maine, then cross the bridge to Campobello Island, New Brunswick, where they run the entire (not very big) island before crossing back across the bridge to Maine. If you like fresh seafood and quiet, scenic places, this is an opportunity not to be missed. The main attractions on Campobello Island are Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s summer home and a few lighthouses. This year the opportunity presents itself on June 24, 2018. As with all of these international race events, there are a variety of distances offered, although not all the routes cover both countries.
  2. The Niagara Falls International Marathon is the other race cross-border race I knew about already. A friend of mine completed this several years ago and pronounced it a must. Runners cross into Canada from Buffalo, NY over the International Peace Bridge and then run along the scenic Niagara Parkway, ending at one of the world’s most famous natural wonders, Niagara Falls itself. This run gains in popularity every year and is considered one of the most scenic in Canada, taking place this year on October 14, 2018. There are several distances to choose from for those not quite ready for a full marathon.
  3. The Detroit Free Press International Marathon promotes the fact that their marathon course runs “through” water twice, once going over the Detroit River by the Ambassador Bridge from Detroit, Michigan to Windsor, Ontario and then going under the river by running through the Detroit-Windsor Tunnel. Interestingly, the event organizers offer both an International Half Marathon and a U.S.-only Half Marathon. I’m not sure if the U.S.-only Half is for people who are afraid they won’t be allowed into Canada or whether they’re concerned they won’t be allowed back into the U.S.! This year’s race takes place on October 21, 2018.

    Three of the 8 cross-border races are found between Michigan and Ontario, clearly two very cooperative jurisdictions.

  4. The Sault International Festival of Races is a local race event that includes a half marathon, a 7-mile bridge run, and a 5K. It is set in a lovely if somewhat remote part of both countries, and is scheduled for a lovely, cool time of year, right in the heart of the stunning fall colours. A perfect time of year for running.  This year’s event, which incorporates the twin cities of Sault Ste Marie, Michigan and Sault Ste Marie, Ontario, takes place on Sept 29, 2018.
  5. The YMCA CHOK International Bridge Race is a local fund-raiser for the YMCA that spans the Detroit River between Port Huron, Michigan and Sarnia, Ontario. This June 3, 2018 event includes a 10K and a 5K (Canada only).
  6. The Run Internacional – the U.S. – Mexico was a huge surprise for me. I was buoyed to find that despite the fact that there are hardly any cross-border races in the world there is one that crosses the contentious U.S.-Mexican border, despite all the rhetoric of “build the wall, build the wall”. This race takes place in the border cities of El Paso, Texas and Juárez, Mexico. As they explain on their website, “The U.S-Mexico International 10K is more than a race. It’s about the unique greatness of the largest borderland in the world. It illustrates how ONE community, united by an international boundary line, blends itself into ONE region, Region UNO.” This is the kind of message I love to read. I love the fact that this initiative is shared by community organizations in border cities in the U.S. and Mexico, and I love that they’re promoting their message through an international race. Why don’t we hear more about these kinds of initiatives and positive messages? This year’s U.S.-Mexico 10K is being held on Nov 3, 2018. I hope they get a terrific turnout.
  7. The Monaco Run must be a beautiful, scenic marathon route. It runs through the stunning Principality of Monaco, and actually crosses two borders, heading briefly into both France and Italy. There is also a 10K that is run entirely within Monaco.

    Monaco Run

  8. The X-Border Challenge, England to Scotland is a local event that must be for very hearty runners, and I say that as a Canadian who isn’t afraid to run in the winter! Its 10K route takes the participants from Carlisle in England to Gretna Green in Scotland … in January. Two things: first of all it is pretty darn raw (cold and damp) in January in that part of the world and, secondly, it is pretty darn dark in January at that latitude. So that would translate into an authentic experience, for sure! This opportunity is available to all hearty souls on January 27, 2019.

These 8 races are the only cross-border international races I could find. Not many, is it?! Does anyone reading this know of any others? If so, they need better promotion!

I found a few races that go across state lines in the U.S. and one that crosses a provincial border in Canada (the Nova Scotia to New Brunswick Cross Border Challenge that runs across the Tantramar Marshes in June). Those sound like fun, but they don’t carry the same weight of international cooperation as cross-border races between countries.

The Istanbul Marathon, run in October or November every year, has always advertised itself as the only race in the world that includes two continents. It starts on the Asian side of Istanbul, crosses the Bosphorus on the First Bosphorus Bridge, passes many historic sites, including the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia, and then ends in the İnönü Stadium in the European part of Istanbul. For runners who like running across bridges, there are three bridge crossings on this route! Although the inter-country cooperation isn’t present, it undoubtedly has plenty of international feeling, not to mention incredible sights and a wealth of learning opportunities.

Istanbul Marathon

Running really is good for your mental and physical well-being, maybe even your spiritual well-being. And when you can’t run anymore you have so many wonderful memories to draw on! What other destination races would readers recommend, especially for slow runners who love to see new places and learn about the world?

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15 Responses to Looking for a race that includes more than one country? Look no further!

  1. Christopher Benjamin says:

    There’s also the Severn Bridge Half Marathon in Wales across the River Severn to England and finishing in Wales

  2. Jean says:

    There is an annual cross-border bike ride from Seattle to Vancouver BC in summer . I think it’s the RVSP ride.

    • Jane Fritz says:

      How interesting. Thanks, Jean. What a beautiful route. I wonder how many inter-country cycling races there are? Probably more than running, but then again the logistics of crossing borders aren’t always easy to arrange.

  3. sherri says:

    i had no idea these races existed, but i think it’s fantastic. just imagine the US / Mexico race and how if it were publicized better and Mr. Build the Wall found out about it, he would be livid.

    being in Arkansas, i’m not in running shape, but i would love to have opportunity to run that race.

    i’ve never participated in anything like this, but in all seriousness, my husband is a Baptist pastor and our church and many others support some fine missionaries in Mexico. i would love to organize a group of pastors, members from Arkansas and Mexico to meet and run in that race

    thank you for posting this !

    • Jane Fritz says:

      Thank you for commenting, Sherri. I love how you blame Arkansas for your lack of running shape! Good try. 😉 Two things: first of all, signing up for a run is almost the only way most of us get into running shape or some proximity thereof, so go for it, and, secondly, wow, I can’t think of a better message than getting a group of pastors involved in this. Maybe their youth groups could persuade them! Love it! Thanks again. 🙂

      • sherri says:

        lol, i actually was thinking faster than i was writing my thought and that didn’t come out correctly

        what i mean is, i’m not in shape to run a 10K race, but i am in Arkansas and that is close to Texas so it wouldn’t be a long way to go to participate

        also, as a footnote to my first comment. the missionaries who are in Mexico are actually from Mexico. they came to Little Rock to attend seminary and then went back to Mexico to pastor churches.

        • Jane Fritz says:

          Lol. Actually, that’s an even better scenario: one non-pastor getting in shape for a run and a group of American and Mexican pastors participating together in a cross-border run. Sending a wonderful message and everyone getting in shape, all at the same time! 🙂

  4. Roy McCarthy says:

    Love the idea of the Run Internacional. It harks back to the days before borders – country or state – when men and animals roamed the land, settled if they had a mind to, and survived as best they could.
    Carlisle to Gretna sounds fun. Nothing much else to do up there 🙂

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