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Designing memory quilts: summing up your memories in 12 squares

In November I was motivated to start a new project after reading a few inspiring quilting stories on a blog post (thanks, Country Girl!) and in the news. I knew what I would do, I would make a memory quilt … Continue reading

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Runfessions: Time to hang up the sneakers

In August I was full of both resolve and expectation. True, it hurt when I walked, but hardly at all when I ran. I committed to a few 5K and 10K races, and had 10 wonderful weeks this past summer … Continue reading

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Guadeloupe: there’s more to sun destinations than just sun, especially learning about new places

When we tell people that we’ve just come back from a week in Guadeloupe, it’s surprising how often the response is, “Where’s Guadeloupe?” It’s right in between several other popular Caribbean winter getaways that we northerners seek out – even … Continue reading

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When is a credit not really a credit? Just ask Air Canada

It’s a sad day when grandparents have to cancel their planned flights to spend Christmas with their kids and grandkids, but that’s what we had to do when we both came down with the cold to end all colds in … Continue reading

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Running and cycling races in enchanting Bhutan

If you’re looking for a cycling race or a road race that challenges you physically, boy, does Bhutan have some races for you. And if you’re looking for a cycling or running destination race that takes you to one of … Continue reading

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China: empires come and empires go … and come back again

The New York Times is running a 5-part series on China, and it makes for fascinating reading and plenty of thinking. The first article, this past Saturday, was entitled “The Land that failed to fail”. The second article appeared almost immediately … Continue reading

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Go-go, go-slow, or no-go?

Go-go, go-slow, or no-go? This might be the question you ask yourself as you wake up on a weekend morning after a late night, knowing that you have lots to accomplish before the day is out. How am I feeling? … Continue reading

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This one’s for my running buddy

Everyone who runs should have a running buddy. It doesn’t need to be someone you run with often, although that works for lots of people. For me it’s the person you know you can talk to about running and they’ll … Continue reading

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