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Celebrating winter, snow, and the Canadian outlook that sees us through it!

Winter has arrived in eastern Canada. It took a while to really make its presence known, to make it abundantly clear that, yes, it was here and it was planning to stay. Western Canada, you definitely got an early start … Continue reading

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What Made Me Laugh This Week: Dec 19th

Originally posted on Surprised By Joy:
I was thumbing through the humor cards I inherited from my dad and found this card labeled Thoughts for Pondering: Talk is cheap because supply exceeds demand. Stupidity got us into this mess –…

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Breaking news: you’re every bit as smart as a rocket scientist!

Following on the illuminating research I reported on recently in which we learned that housework may help you age well (!), the Guardian has now just shared some equally enlightening research.  A team of researchers has been looking into the … Continue reading

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Breaking news: doing housework helps you age well!

Say what?! As you might imagine, I did a double take when I read this headline in the Guardian last week: Housework may promote health in old age, study suggests.  I’m definitely someone “in old age”, and I wasn’t sure … Continue reading

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Lessons from a “gift economy”

Braiding Sweetgrass, an engaging book by botanist Robin Wall Kimmerer that marries the science of plants and nature with Indigenous teachings, gives its readers insight into two polar-opposite ways of viewing the world in which we live. Beautifully and compellingly … Continue reading

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Wellness Wednesday: food choices matter

Image credit: unknown

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Gratitude Sunday: including President Biden’s obvious concern for the welfare of Canadians

A few fellow bloggers I follow often have a Gratitude Sunday post; I thought maybe I’d give it a try considering all that I have to be grateful for this week.  Aside from the over-the-top joy of seeing both families … Continue reading

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Thoughtful Thursday: the more things change the more they stay the same?!

A humorous look at similarities and differences through the decades (thanks, Francine). Which ones resonate with you? Do any of these induce nostalgia for anyone?! Enjoy. 🙂 Image sources: unknown

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