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Wellness Wednesday: food choices matter

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Gratitude Sunday: including President Biden’s obvious concern for the welfare of Canadians

A few fellow bloggers I follow often have a Gratitude Sunday post; I thought maybe I’d give it a try considering all that I have to be grateful for this week.  Aside from the over-the-top joy of seeing both families … Continue reading

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Thoughtful Thursday: the more things change the more they stay the same?!

A humorous look at similarities and differences through the decades (thanks, Francine). Which ones resonate with you? Do any of these induce nostalgia for anyone?! Enjoy. 🙂 Image sources: unknown

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Some animal humour to lighten the mood

The world keeps throwing so many serious challenges at us that require our attention, but I thought it might be a good idea to take a break and share some of my favourite cartoons. Enjoy! 🙂

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Thoughtful Thursday: a different kind of thoughtful

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Growing old … two sides of the coin!

So often these days I hear, “Getting old is not for sissies”.  Personally, I prefer the competing concept, “Growing old is a privilege denied to many”.  But there’s no doubt that there are many perspectives on the subject.  We talk … Continue reading

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Embracing those 20 bonus years? How about 50 bonus years?!

Pretty well exactly a year ago (seems like a lifetime ago), I wrote a blog post called “Embracing those twenty bonus years“.  I’ve borrowed the same cartoon for this post because its message seems to say it all; at some … Continue reading

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Thoughtful Thursday: what does leading a good life really mean?

This term the philosophy discussion group I belong to has been exploring what it means to lead a good life, or at least that’s our intended theme. Mostly we try to decipher the convoluted writing of the author of the … Continue reading

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