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When the most optimistic people aren’t feeling very optimistic

These times have been hard on almost everyone in some way or another.  In the past 2+ years (or maybe in the past 6+ years), we’ve learned that no-one is immune from the world’s problems: the challenges of global pandemics, … Continue reading

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Map Monday: let’s see just how well the world’s been doing

We can use maps to look at what’s happening to our environment around the world.  We can use maps to look at how weather patterns are changing around the world, or at pollution changes in the world.  We can look … Continue reading

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Map Monday: from Santa to animals to everything in between

In keeping with the season, I tried to find accurate maps of the round-the-world routing of Santa and his reindeer on Christmas Eve, but that proved very difficult. He is an elusive fellow. However, I did find some links to … Continue reading

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The world needs more, many more, politicians who encourage the better side of human nature. The kind, compassionate, caring side as opposed to the greedy, self-serving, cynical side. And Lilie’s poem at Tea and Toast with Kindness expresses our thirst … Continue reading

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