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Getting relief from troubling times through nature – and maps

Today is Map Monday, but all the maps I’ve been looking at are awfully depressing. They seem to offer yet more evidence of what poor decisions humans have made throughout history. I thought I’d see what maps I could find … Continue reading

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Wildlife and Earth Day in the time of COVID-19

Wildlife Wednesday and Earth Day all rolled into one. Happy Earth Day, everyone! Believe it or not, this marks the 50th year of celebrating Earth Day on April 22. I have to admit to not having been aware of Earth … Continue reading

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Wildlife Wednesday … and almost wordless as well

There were 3 very rare white giraffes in Kenya until early March.  Along came the poachers, and then there was one.

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Wisdom from Facebook friends in the midst of world COVID-19 lockdown

I don’t know about you, but with even more time for people to be on Facebook, I find that FB friends are passing along helpful and thoughtful “posters” to help deal with self-isolation, to understand why it’s so critically important, … Continue reading

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Wildlife Wednesday: Climate change is threatening the very existence of many of our animals | Mar 11/20

Last week we looked at animals who are officially listed as being under severe threat of extinction because of loss of habitat, conflict with encroaching human populations, questionably legal wanton killing, and illegal poaching. This week we look at 10 … Continue reading

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Wildlife Wednesday: Shining a light on endangered animals around the world | Mar 4/20

Yesterday, March 3, was World Wildlife Day. It seems only appropriate to continue Robby Robin’s celebration of the animal kingdom on Wildlife Wednesdays by spending some time getting to know the animal species on our planet whose very existence is … Continue reading

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Wildlife Wednesday: one more chance to learn about our national animals | Feb 26/20

This week some of the animals we’re introducing are the official national animal of not one but several countries.  Let’s see if you can guess at least one country for each animal! The answers to last week’s offerings can be … Continue reading

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Wildlife Wednesday: some answers and some new animals | Feb 19/20

I didn’t get too many complete answers or even guesses to last week’s national animal challenge, so perhaps this week I’ll give a few clues. Think about the expanded animal and geography knowledge you’re picking up while you have fun … Continue reading

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