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Map Monday: a look at Russia’s territorial reach through history

Borders have changed in most parts of the world throughout history, and Russia, whether as Empire, Federation, or Soviet Union, is no exception.  There’s a long history across that vast land of seeking to expand by absorbing neighbouring territory.  Don’t … Continue reading

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Wordle is such a nice way to start the day when your whole family is doing it

I figured it best to take a break from writing (aka thinking) about the state of the world, even if  just for a brief period of time.  What better substitute than the simple little word game that has taken the … Continue reading

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Map Monday: this sovereign nation called Ukraine

As the world watches in horror as a megalomaniacal tyrant re-enacts what our parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents lived through in Europe in the last century, it’s impossible to contemplate writing about anything but the travesty – the evil – that … Continue reading

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Map Monday: Population growth – and shrinkage – over the millenia

We all know – well, most of us know – that the human species has roamed the Earth for a very long time. A fascinating interactive population map at Our World in Data provides us with lots of data to … Continue reading

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Map Monday: democracy throughout history

There’s much lamenting these days of the future of democracy as we know it, or rather as we would like it to be.  Sorry to say that, as an example, there is much concern both inside and outside one of … Continue reading

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Yearend review: just who the heck reads blog posts anyway, and what do they really like?!

Here we are in that strangest of weeks, when even the news slows down … well sort of.  COVID doesn’t seem to know about the traditional slowdown between Christmas and New Year’s, but we’ll ignore that for the moment.  It’s … Continue reading

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Map Monday: let’s see just how well the world’s been doing

We can use maps to look at what’s happening to our environment around the world.  We can use maps to look at how weather patterns are changing around the world, or at pollution changes in the world.  We can look … Continue reading

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Map Monday: COP26, outcomes, a few maps and lots of charts

As of this past weekend, the much anticipated COP26 has wrapped up its deliberations.  Wrapped up are the presentations, pleas, protests, political posturing, and final compromise agreement.  Sorry, folks, but compromises and grand talk with insufficient action is too little, … Continue reading

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