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A COVID Christmas message

This is an unusual Christmas post, but then again this is Christmas in a year like no other. This season is a time that’s meant to bring joy, and this year we have to be especially creative in finding ways … Continue reading

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Why the U.S.-Canada border isn’t going to open any time soon – or the Atlantic Bubble

As this map and graph illustrate so clearly, many parts of the world are experiencing a frighteningly potent new wave of coronavirus cases. Different jurisdictions are trying different strategies to try to contain the spread, from tight lockdowns to government … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday: our planet and COVID | July 8/20

Our destruction of natural habitats of wildlife is what has allowed these new viruses to cross over to humans in the first place. Ebola, HIV/AIDS, SARS, MERS, H1N1, and now the granddaddy of all, COVID-19. The granddaddy of all new … Continue reading

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Map Monday: from COVID action to where the people aren’t, for starters

Welcome back to Map Monday. A few interesting maps have landed in my email this past week that I thought I’d share. If you’d like to explore any of the topics more, I encourage you to follow the links. Coronavirus … Continue reading

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Do fences make good neighbours? When COVID’s around.

For those of you not schooled in Robert Frost’s poetry, the title of this post refers to his famous poem called Mending Wall. Of course, the point of Frost’s poem, with which I happen to usually agree completely, is that … Continue reading

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COVID-19 has brought us a day of reckoning; how will we respond?

As we think about what our world – our individual countries and communities – might look like when this pandemic is finally fully in check, we find ourselves with options. We can work hard to get things back to being … Continue reading

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Wildlife and Earth Day in the time of COVID-19

Wildlife Wednesday and Earth Day all rolled into one. Happy Earth Day, everyone! Believe it or not, this marks the 50th year of celebrating Earth Day on April 22. I have to admit to not having been aware of Earth … Continue reading

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Reached For Comment, Coronavirus Says It’s Also Very In Favour Of Reopening The Economy Immediately

Originally posted on The Out And Abouter:
As calls in many nations grow to reopen the economy as quickly as possible – curves, consequences, and transmission rates be damned – support for the initiative has come from a not-unexpected quarter:…

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