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It’s Thanksgiving weekend in the True North, and there’s always much to be thankful for, even if you have to look more closely these days

Thanksgiving weekend in Canada comes at a beautiful time of year; after all, the second Monday of October – our Thanksgiving’s official date – is at the height of fall splendour. And spectacular it is. We can be thankful for … Continue reading

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Lifelong friendships, multigenerational friendships, and International Friendship Day

Thanks to fellow blogger Natalie at The Hot Goddess, I recently learned that July 30 is International Friendship Day this year.  That was yesterday! International Friendship Day is designated by the UN General Assembly as a day to celebrate those … Continue reading

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Important lessons our parents teach us without even realizing it

It’s time to lighten our loads, at least for a few minutes. Daylight now lasts well into the evening, at least up here in the northern latitudes.  The hope of spring has become a reality, and greets us every morning … Continue reading

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Wordle is such a nice way to start the day when your whole family is doing it

I figured it best to take a break from writing (aka thinking) about the state of the world, even if  just for a brief period of time.  What better substitute than the simple little word game that has taken the … Continue reading

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Keeping track of what’s really important in life

I was one of the lucky ones.  I ended up in a job I truly loved, through serendipity one might say.  I worked hard, including many/most evenings and weekends, because there was always more than enough to do to keep … Continue reading

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Family: parenting versus grandparenting

We’ve had a big milestone in our house this week.  We’ve been parents for 50 years now.  Yes, that’s right, our first born turned the big 5-0. When you think about it, it’s a little surprising that there are no … Continue reading

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The joys in growing old – on reaching the ¾ century mark!

Yes, I’ve done it, I’m made it to 75. Just think, if I’d only made it to 70, I would have left this Earth still naively convinced that the world really was becoming a kinder, more inclusive place. That illusion … Continue reading

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Wildlife Wednesday: Speech Day, Bucket Lists, and Botswana animals

A few weeks ago I wrote a blog about World Speech Day, which occurs every year on or about March 15. Since our son and grandchildren were due to arrive on March 16 to spend their March Break with us, … Continue reading

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