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Gratitude, a poem from Hermit’s Door

A blogger at Hermit’s Door has been regularly posting moving personal poems inspired by the emotional experience of navigating the journey of caring for his mother in her time of decline. They are all impactful, and his most recent poem … Continue reading

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What does “enough” really mean?

For those we care about, what do we most frequently wish for them? To be the best they can be? To be successful? To be happy? To find love? To be healthy? To be rich? To own more guns? To … Continue reading

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Moving through spring, full of hope

This poem by Maya Angelou seems like a delightful way to bid farewell to April and welcome the merry month of May, although of course her words are worth reflecting on and taking to heart any time of year. (With … Continue reading

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Easter, Passover, and Ramadan are aligning in 2022, but their underlying messages aren’t getting out!

For people celebrating Easter and Passover this weekend, it’s unusual for these two important religious celebrations to have the same dates, but fairly common for them to occur in close proximity.  The dates for both are tied to the beginning … Continue reading

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Peace on Earth, goodwill toward men 2.0

A post I had forgotten about has started turning up in my daily blog “hits” column, a 3-year old post entitled Peace on Earth, goodwill toward men: wouldn’t that be nice!  Three full years ago.  Long before the January 6 … Continue reading

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Family: parenting versus grandparenting

We’ve had a big milestone in our house this week.  We’ve been parents for 50 years now.  Yes, that’s right, our first born turned the big 5-0. When you think about it, it’s a little surprising that there are no … Continue reading

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For Mother’s Day, 5 things I learned from my mother-in-law about aging well

I need to put the title of this post in context. I did not learn these things from my dearly departed mother-in-law as a result of her explaining their importance to me.  She never gave me any advice at all … Continue reading

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How do we determine what makes a good life? Just ask the Seven Grandfathers

The philosophy group I belong to (which has been meeting successfully by Zoom the past several weeks) is in the process of considering what topic we’ll explore when we reconvene in the fall. We seem to be choosing between the … Continue reading

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