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Figuring out how to lead our lives is rarely easy; I guess it isn’t meant to be

There is no doubt that at different phases of life we feel different pressures. As a full-fledged senior, I’m happy to report that most of the pressures of being a kid, being a teenager, being a young adult seeking success … Continue reading

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Family history as told by a piano

My Mom was an accomplished pianist and singer. In my family, it was a common occurrence for my Dad and us three kids to stand by the piano singing while my Mom played, especially, of course, at Christmas. Mom at … Continue reading

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Happy Father’s Day to all you fathers, the most important job you’ll ever have

I have been blessed. My family has been the beneficiary of lots of wonderful fathers. The importance of having a father whose love is unconditional cannot be overstated. I had such a father. Not for nearly long enough, but long … Continue reading

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Grandmothers, granddaughters, and the Circle of Life

I’ve been a grandmother for 7 years now. Not a grandmother who lives across town from her grandchildren, who has the family for Sunday dinner every week, and who has home-baked cookies waiting when the grandkids drop by. But, for … Continue reading

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Family heirlooms: one person’s treasure is another person’s …

I grew up during the time in which House Beautiful and then Good Housekeeping defined home decoration.  My mother enjoyed these magazines for the features on New England antiques.  My parents spent time antiquing during our summer holidays and cherished … Continue reading

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