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A little humour (humor) to help guide our nutrition and general well-being

More grist for the laughter mill; it feels like we need laughter more and more just to keep our sanity these days. (Of course, ceasing to watch or read the news would probably work just as well, but wouldn’t be … Continue reading

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You can become a caregiver at any age; you don’t necessarily know when or for whom

I know, not the cheeriest of topics, is it?!  But, to put it in perspective, it’s not about war, famine, climate catastrophes, oppression, discrimination, misogyny, or new geopolitical standoffs.  See, not so bad after all, is it? My husband and … Continue reading

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Figuring out how to lead our lives is rarely easy; I guess it isn’t meant to be

There is no doubt that at different phases of life we feel different pressures. As a full-fledged senior, I’m happy to report that most of the pressures of being a kid, being a teenager, being a young adult seeking success … Continue reading

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How do we find purpose in our lives, even when we’re considered “medium-old”?

Recently an item appeared in my email from a national retirees association, definitively labelling my age group as “medium-old”. I ask you?! According to this retirees’ newsletter, the senior years are broken down into “young-old” age (65-74) and “medium-old” age … Continue reading

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A little humour (humor) to start off the Labour (Labor) Day Weekend

There are some serious topics to ponder when considering the root of Labour Day and also the beginning of a new school year. However, today isn’t that day. I’ve been saving up some light material to share, and what better … Continue reading

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Getting old and enjoying it just fine – in song

Recently New Zealand blogger Rachel McAlpine, at blog Write Into Life, published a post entitled 3 Songs About Getting Old. I’d been thinking about this same topic for a while now, so I thought I’d build on Rachel’s observations. She … Continue reading

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Thoughtful Thursday: Life, purpose, and having fun along the way

Sharing more food for thought from social media posts on how to live our lives. Can you tell which ones are serious and which ones not so much so?! For those of you not ready to relate to the aging … Continue reading

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Breaking news: doing housework helps you age well!

Say what?! As you might imagine, I did a double take when I read this headline in the Guardian last week: Housework may promote health in old age, study suggests.  I’m definitely someone “in old age”, and I wasn’t sure … Continue reading

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