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Thoughtful Thursday: kindness and character

Quotes worth taking to heart. I know this is good advice for me at times! Image source: Pinterest

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Checks and balances, the world needs you

Nearly three weeks into the new world order of America under its new president, Donald Trump. What a surreal and unsettling three weeks. It is difficult to concentrate on other interests; they seem so mundane compared to witnessing the unravelling … Continue reading

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Confidence and commitment, essential for leaders and also for Olympians!

Thinking of the critical traits of strong leaders (character, conviction, confidence, competence, commitment, and communication) we discussed in a previous post while watching (obsessively) the Olympic Games during this special moment in time, I am struck by the necessity of … Continue reading

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Strength of character and good leadership: a winning combination

Responses to my recent post (Leadership in Challenging Times) reinforce the claim made elsewhere: the #1 characteristic of a good leader, as far as many people are concerned, is that you should feel you can trust this person. At some … Continue reading

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