Checks and balances, the world needs you

trumpladylibertykamenskyNearly three weeks into the new world order of America under its new president, Donald Trump. What a surreal and unsettling three weeks. It is difficult to concentrate on other interests; they seem so mundane compared to witnessing the unravelling of the world order of the past 70 years since the end of World War II and the ensuing efforts to work together for world peace. If I had died last year, I would have died still believing that we as the human race had that goal in mind; regardless of short-term setbacks, greed, corruption, power struggles, and self-serving interests, that goal of world peace was still alive. But I didn’t die last year and today I find myself have trouble believing that this is in fact a goal of enough of our world leaders at this time. Self-interest, power grabs, and greed appear to reign supreme.  Kindness, concern and consideration for others have left the building.

I shouldn’t dwell on President Trump as the main example, but it’s hard not to. After all, we are still being told that he is the leader of the free world. Even the mainstream journalists that Trump reviles so and insults daily continue to refer to the president as “the leader of the free world”. I’m sorry, but when a leader insults his allies, colleagues, the judiciary, corporations, specific nationalities and religions, and anyone else who doesn’t agree with him, and compliments cunning adversaries such as Putin and the Prime Minister of Pakistan (the training grounds for many Islamic terrorists and a country not on his travel ban list), he is not the leader of the free world. The free world as a cooperating collective is in free fall with him as the leader of the United States. Apparently, everyone is now on their own. Good luck to us all.

Several months ago I wrote a collection of posts on leadership. According to the literature on effective leadership, there are a number of characteristics that describe well-regarded and effective leaders, but number one among them is Character. Character includes honesty, trustworthiness, integrity, and empathy. It includes treating others with respect and earning their respect through your actions, gaining their trust, and understanding what’s really important to people being affected by decisions before implementing them. As was concluded in the previous leadership posts, assuming the other aspects of leadership characteristics are covered (competence, communication, conviction, confidence, and commitment), the type of character your leaders bring to their positions makes every difference. Note that being a bully and “stretching the truth” even more than one might expect in the rough-and-tumble world of politics are not on the list of positive characteristics. Leading by fear-mongering doesn’t make the list either. Oh boy, talk about uncharted territory.

So what’s next? Well, no-one can say that this situation is boring! Along with Americans, the rest of the world will be watching the biggest test ever of the checks and balances within which the U.S. government works. The founding fathers of the U.S. enshrined these checks and balances in their Constitution more than 225 years ago, purposefully separating the three branches of government – executive, legislative, and judicial – so that no one group or person could have too much control. It’s not clear that President Trump understands this fully, but the founding fathers were no dummies, as it turns out. We should all hope that these checks and balances stand the test of time and that the other branches of government bring their integrity to the fore. The rest of the world wants and needs the U.S. as a fully participating partner – and leader – in making the world a better place for all.

Photo credit: Kamensky, Washington Post

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10 Responses to Checks and balances, the world needs you

  1. lilie215 says:

    And, our checks and balances in this age are writers who can see the reality, and pen it with compassion, discernment and integrity. Thank you.

    • Jane Fritz says:

      Sigh. But it doesn’t seem to help as much as it should, does it? I guess we have to wait until Nov 6 to find out! Very nervous.

      • lilie215 says:

        Me, too. But, I do believe those who are doing their very best to hang on to their humanity and speak up are making a difference. We just may not see that difference in the direction of the gov’t. That will be scary, but that decency will always be there, just in, maybe, an unexpected direction.

        • Jane Fritz says:

          The decency needs to be there in all directions. If that many people truly don’t care about expecting decency from their govt, one cannot help but feel dismay. It’s staggering, really. Keep writing beautiful poetry and dishing out that kindness!

  2. Perhaps there’s an app for this. One that replaces “Leader of the free world with “FOLLOWER OF THE FREE WORLD” or “LEADER OF THE DEPLORABLES”. The CAPS are important. You could add your own amusing titles and have them randomly inserted. Maybe I should search the App Store to see if I am too late. I hope this post doesn’t get me sent back from the border.

  3. alesiablogs says:

    I can tell you are very upset by all this mess. Just remember we Americans are not staying quiet. I completely disagree with Trump’s actions and am proud I am from Washington State and we are knocking very hard on his bully pulpit. Everybody knows this bullyness is a signal of a much bigger problem. Trump will be brought to do just what you mentioned—accountable to our democracy. God bless you and have a rum and coke and relax. Great post.

    • Jane Fritz says:

      Me and pretty well everyone who considers him/herself a member of the “western/aligned nation” multilateral alliances that have formed since WWII to preserve and enhance the well-being of all and safeguard against more war. We all also appreciate that this has to be even harder for the majority of Americans who either did not want this or now realize that what they wished for and what they’ve got are two different things. We are all behind you all in fighting for your democratic principles which are known as the hallmark of the U.S. But, boy, these are very unsettling times. A rum and coke, eh? Not a bad idea, Alesia! 🙂

  4. jennypellett says:

    Hear, hear, Jane, keep going with this. You may feel that you are beating a lone drum but I can assure you that you’re not. Excellent points, excellent post.

    • Jane Fritz says:

      Thanks, Jenny. There are so many excellent writers spending way more hours than usual pumping out extraordinarily articulate articles about this situation, including in the Economist, the Atlantic, newspaper columnists in papers in all our countries including the U.S. big time. I think it’s just that none of us can figure out how this particular person, who eschews all sense of civility and respect for others, has become leader of this particular country. I get the anger everyone has who feels left behind in this lengthy time in history of upheaval (technology revolution, really) in the nature of work. I get that people are willing to believe whoever convinces them that somehow they will turn back what has deprived them of their jobs (immigrants, outsourcing, etc.), even though the reality is that it’s mostly technology and those jobs aren’t coming back in any meaningful way. But I don’t get how this many people (even if it’s actually a minority) can support someone as their leader who is this nasty, inarticulate, and lacking in common decency. It is simply beyond comprehension. Scream!!! I salute those millions of Americans who are remaining vigilant, because vigilance is very necessary. 😦

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