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Rake News from Finland

Originally posted on Common Sense and Whiskey:
https://twitter.com/garycascio/status/1064595695238148106 https://twitter.com/ATFuru/status/1064105086538997760 https://twitter.com/haloefekti/status/1064250590442790913 https://twitter.com/somemuija/status/1064106411200839680 https://twitter.com/PiretTramm/status/1064188215702245376 https://twitter.com/lasersilma/status/1064568156834934784 https://twitter.com/HannaBackanda/status/1064286326290358273 https://twitter.com/aaporau/status/1064245187277455366 https://twitter.com/SaraHymyEvelina/status/1064104727452020736 https://twitter.com/Valavuori/status/1063950909565218816 https://twitter.com/Siruoes/status/1064172318862311426 https://twitter.com/Pillownaut/status/1064333780721135617 https://twitter.com/molice2liu/status/1064659706063527937 https://twitter.com/KauheaRoisto/status/1064620136013926418 https://twitter.com/HALaaho/status/1064558591951147008

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100 years of Remembrance Days: what we remember and what we forget

November 11, 2018. One hundred years since the signing of the. Armistice that ended World War I.  One hundred years of remembering the many, many sacrifices made by millions upon millions of people. Horrific sacrifices. Heartbreaking sacrifices. For far too … Continue reading

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Trump Announces Charity Run To End The Accidental Torture And Dismemberment Of Journalists — from The Out And Abouter

Reblogging yet another required-reading satirical piece from the redoubtable Out and Abouter.  Laughter’s always a good counter to despair or rage. In the latest sign that U.S. President Donald Trump is taking the tape-recorded killing of writer Jamal Khashoggi as … Continue reading

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Nobel Prize Now A Near-Certainty For Trump After He Does The Impossible And Unites Canada

Originally posted on The Out And Abouter:
Canadians of all political beliefs came together to say they hope that asshole never comes back. Even as the backlash grows against Donald Trump, and his complex new foreign policy of ‘Blame Canada,’…

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Losing my innocence at 70

For the first 70 years of my life, starting in the immediate aftermath of World War II, I really did believe that the world was progressing towards a common goal, one of peace and prosperity for all. Not just for … Continue reading

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Sorry, but why do people keep saying that Donald Trump is the leader of the free world??

As most people around the world grow increasingly concerned about the erratic tweets, threats and general behaviour of the new president of the U.S., it interests me – actually, it astounds me – that in the midst of articles and … Continue reading

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Checks and balances, the world needs you

Nearly three weeks into the new world order of America under its new president, Donald Trump. What a surreal and unsettling three weeks. It is difficult to concentrate on other interests; they seem so mundane compared to witnessing the unravelling … Continue reading

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