Thoughtful Thursday: kindness and character

Quotes worth taking to heart. I know this is good advice for me at times!


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21 Responses to Thoughtful Thursday: kindness and character

  1. Yes, yes! Keep your darned mouth shut if you can’t say something nice.

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  2. Great post and advice!

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  3. heimdalco says:

    AMEN …………………

    Happy Holidays to you, Jane. It is such a pleasure knowing you.

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  4. I love the quotes and especially the second which can be so difficult at times.

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  5. BernieLynne says:

    I have a friend who says to think this before you speak
    1. Is it true
    2. Is it kind
    3. Is it necessary
    I try to remember that when I am speaking. This post speaks to the same thing but takes it a step further. The habits become hard to break and then yes you can end up with a characteristic that is not flattering. Good reminder so thanks.
    Ties in nicely with my kindness advent calendar activities as well.

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  6. Wonderful words of wisdom.

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  7. Thanks for the reminders Jane.

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  8. dfolstad58 says:

    Like and Like. – Kindness and Character theme quotes is a great idea.
    “Always pray to have eyes that see the best, a heart that forgives the worst, a mind that forgets the bad, and a soul that never loses faith.”

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  9. margiran says:

    What a timely reminder Jane. There seems to be so much active unkindness around at the present time, along with an increase in #bekind posts.
    Just wondering as I write this if we actively choose who to be kind to or not? Not sure I would go out of my way to be kind to Boris Johnson! But I guess that’s not saying I’d go out of my way to be unkind to him either. Too much wasted energy. That leaves me with ‘being quiet’ 🤔 – hmph! 🙂
    So it’s a challenging one and I’m reminding myself of the importance of not only ‘talking the talk’ but ‘walking the walk’; which is what your quote is about for me.

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    • Jane Fritz says:

      You’re right, there does seem to be more acceptance of public unkindness than there used to be. Civility seems to be in short supply, which isn’t good for any of us. That having been said, I’m inclined to agree with you wrt Boris! 😊


  10. This is so true. It’s so easy to get wrapped up in emotions and say or do something we regret later…the old foot in the mouth syndrome. My Nana used to always say, that if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. When I passed this message onto my mother-in-law once (she has a cruel tongue at times) she said ” Then no one would speak ” I realized in that moment, that with some people, kindness comes naturally, and others, well…they just need a little help with it I suppose. This is where patience plays a big part. Great quote.

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    • Jane Fritz says:

      Thanks for these observations, LRH. Love (not in a loving sense) the quote from your MIL! Clearly the sentiment of kindness and understanding is more of a challenge for some than others!! 😏


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