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The (Queen’s) Queue took on a life of its own. How do we replicate that spontaneous culture of community and kindness to others?

Yesterday Queen Elizabeth II was laid to rest at the conclusion of an unparalleled display of pageantry, the likes of which may never, ever be seen again. To say that her people did her proud would be a gross understatement. … Continue reading

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Thoughtful Thursday: when a friend’s in need, how can we help?

Sometimes when someone we care about is in need, we have to remind ourselves that we can’t fix everything, as much as we may want to. In some instances, appropriate words of encouragement may be helpful. But not always. Some … Continue reading

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Making the Human Race Whole

From Barry Hopewell’s blog I Can’t Believe It!, with thanks. A poem from Steve Taylor‘s November newsletter, with permission. Make as many connections as you can so that this broken world can become whole again. It’s your responsibility to radiate … Continue reading

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Originally posted on I can't believe it!:
Following is another great poem by Steve Taylor in his latest newsletter. It expresses in poetic form an important truth behind much of what is ‘wrong’ with the world today. The polarity…

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A tribute to my chosen country: Happy Canada Day, Canada!

As I mentioned in my previous blog, Freedom to choose, most of us make decisions that impact our lives all the time. Sometimes our decisions turn out to be inspired, other times not so much so. Sometimes they turn out … Continue reading

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Strength of character and good leadership: a winning combination

Responses to my recent post (Leadership in Challenging Times) reinforce the claim made elsewhere: the #1 characteristic of a good leader, as far as many people are concerned, is that you should feel you can trust this person. At some … Continue reading

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Tales of customer service that go the extra mile? I’ve got one.

Listening to the car radio, it suddenly came back to me: the empty place setting, the black napkins, the untouched wine.  Ensuring he went out in style.  An act of kindness. This past week I caught a portion of a … Continue reading

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