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Integrity in leadership – why isn’t it more top of mind for us when choosing our political leaders?

It’s widely known that former U.S. president Jimmy Carter has entered into hospice care. In other words, this 98-year old man, the 39th – and 1 term only – president is preparing for his graceful exit from life on Earth. … Continue reading

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Is it simply impossible to lead successfully with kindness, or even with integrity?

It was 3 short months ago when Rishi Sunak pledged to bring integrity and accountability to the office as he became the UK’s newest Prime Minister.  First of all, that pledge speaks volumes as to what he perceived to have … Continue reading

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Strength of character and good leadership: a winning combination

Responses to my recent post (Leadership in Challenging Times) reinforce the claim made elsewhere: the #1 characteristic of a good leader, as far as many people are concerned, is that you should feel you can trust this person. At some … Continue reading

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Leadership in challenging times

The state of the world seems to become more volatile with every passing day. We’re living in an increasingly complex, connected world that requires increasingly complex, creative, and inclusive responses. We’re dealing with a shifting global economy, climate change, and … Continue reading

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Living your dash with integrity – good for you, good for your business

My cousin was an entrepreneur all his life.  And a very successful one.  He lived his dash well, and he lived it with integrity. The first time I heard the expression “living your dash” was at the memorial service for … Continue reading

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