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June 2021: non-Indigenous Canadians now understand only too well why we need National Indigenous History Month

This has not been a happy time in Canada.  We have been confronted with the Truth, or maybe one could say we’ve been hit over the head with a sledgehammer called the Truth.  The Truth of the cruel, inhumane, criminal … Continue reading

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Indigenous Peoples Day, lessons in environmental stewardship and more

Today is not just the third Monday of my postings for National Indigenous History Month, it’s also National Indigenous Peoples Day.  It’s a day for celebrating Indigenous knowledge and culture, and Indigenous contributions to our planet.  [You can find some … Continue reading

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Indigenous History Month: What do baby steps in Reconciliation look like?

Last week’s post in recognition of National Indigenous History Month focused on one of the ugliest truths of the Canadian government’s heinous assaults on the Indigenous Peoples, the residential school system.  There’s a long list of egregious government policies and … Continue reading

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Canada’s day of reckoning is here: we have the Truth, let’s get serious about the Reconciliation

In my Map Monday post last week I committed to writing on issues relevant to National Indigenous History Month – June – on each Monday in June, so here we go.  There’s so much that wants to tumble out that … Continue reading

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Map Monday: indigenous history around the world, pre- and post-colonization

Today is the last day of May, the day before the beginning of June, which is National Indigenous History Month in Canada.  There can be no more chilling reminder of why Canada needs to have a National Indigenous History Month … Continue reading

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