Wildlife Wednesday: some answers and some new animals | Feb 19/20

I didn’t get too many complete answers or even guesses to last week’s national animal challenge, so perhaps this week I’ll give a few clues. Think about the expanded animal and geography knowledge you’re picking up while you have fun looking things up!

And, as promised, the answers to last week’s collection of national animals can be found right after this week’s collection.

In no particular order:

A cow! What country do you suppose has the cow as its national animal?





This animal is very large, flightless, and extinct. Do you know what island nation it was found on before European sailors happened by and killed them all for food?





This animal is small, flightless, and not extinct!





This animal is well-known to children through a recent popular movie whose title is the name of the island nation on which it is found.




This very large and scary animal is another island dweller.





No hints should be needed for this one!







The white stuff on the ground in this photo makes up part of the animal’s name. I think the country that claims him (or her) as its national animal may surprise you.




This easily recognized beauty is claimed by more than one country for their national animal. You will be given full marks for naming just one!





No hints for this one either. The photo gives you the setting for this animal and his country. And it is a he!





You shouldn’t need a hint for this animal either. Two countries have claimed it as their national animal; either one will work for your answer!






And now for the answers to last week’s collection of national animals. I know you’ve all been waiting with baited breath!


  The beaver, the national animal of Canada



The kangaroo, the national animal of Australia



The Fiji-banded iguana, the national animal of Fiji. I admit, that was a trick question!


The unicorn, the national animal of Scotland. One of my personal favourites.



The moose, the national animal of Sweden



The Okapi, the national animal of Congo




The American bison, the national animal of the US.  I know we all thought it was the bald eagle, but it turns out, depending on what you read, the bison is the national animal and the bald eagle the national bird, or the eagle is the animal and the bison is the national mammal!

The jaguar, the national animal of both Brazil and Guyana



Another trick question. The Japanese green pheasant is the national animal of Japan.


The Gallic rooster (le Coq Gaulois) is the national animal of France



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11 Responses to Wildlife Wednesday: some answers and some new animals | Feb 19/20

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  4. K E Garland says:

    I think I got so caught up in that unicorn that I forgot to guess lol

  5. iidorun says:

    Thanks for the education! I did not know about the Dodo!

  6. Inkplume says:

    Challenge accepted! (But not successfully completed…) Here are my answers for this week’s Wildlife Wednesday. Also, many people know that the beaver is Canada’s national animal, but we also have a national horse: The Canadian, of course! I know this because I am the proud owner of a beautiful but stubborn, 22-year-old Canadian mare. Happy Wednesday!

    Snow leopard – Afghanistan
    Lemur – Madagascar
    Tiger – Malaysia
    Dodo – Mauritius
    Cow – Nepal
    Bull – Spain
    Panda – China
    Giraffe – Tanzania ?

    • Jane Fritz says:

      Good work, Linda. Correct on all counts, including your question mark. Thanks for playing. I did know about our national horse, although only since doing my extensive research 😏 for this series. A number of countries have national animals, national birds, national aquatic animals, and/or national mammals. Not too many have national horses! Very cool that you have one of your very own.

  7. Where do we send the answers? What are the prizes??

    • Jane Fritz says:

      Lol. Good question, Muffin Man. You could spoil it for other readers and give all the answers below or you could email them to me and if they’re all right I’ll bring you a muffin!

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