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Wordle is such a nice way to start the day when your whole family is doing it

I figured it best to take a break from writing (aka thinking) about the state of the world, even if  just for a brief period of time.  What better substitute than the simple little word game that has taken the … Continue reading

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Map Monday: from the smallest countries to the largest

The first week of this new year has been a week like no other, just as this past year was a year like no other. Increased COVID cases nearly everywhere, with tightening restrictions being put in place, dashing the hope … Continue reading

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Wildlife Wednesday: one more chance to learn about our national animals | Feb 26/20

This week some of the animals we’re introducing are the official national animal of not one but several countries.  Let’s see if you can guess at least one country for each animal! The answers to last week’s offerings can be … Continue reading

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Wildlife Wednesday: some answers and some new animals | Feb 19/20

I didn’t get too many complete answers or even guesses to last week’s national animal challenge, so perhaps this week I’ll give a few clues. Think about the expanded animal and geography knowledge you’re picking up while you have fun … Continue reading

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Dominican Republic: more than just sun and sand, but the sun and sand sure are fabulous

We’ve just returned from our fourth winter get-away trip to the Dominican Republic (aka the DR), four trips spread over nearly 40 years. Each visit was special, but this time was particularly so because we spent a week in the glorious DR sun … Continue reading

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There is so much more the Olympics could have taught us about Brazil

It’s now one week since the Rio Olympics wrapped up. There definitely has been a little bit of “what will we do now?” in our house. I don’t know about the rest of the world, but we enjoyed every minute … Continue reading

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