Wildlife Wednesday: whose national animals are these? | Feb 12/20

Let’s try a new Wednesday series about our planet. It so happens that World Wildlife Day is rapidly approaching, coming up on March 3. In honour of the magnificent diversity of wildlife on our planet, many of whose futures are at risk due to loss of their natural habitat thanks to us, I thought it might be interesting to share 10 national animals on each of the next few Wednesdays. Interesting and hopefully fun.

Here are the first 10 national animals for you to try.  Can you identify each animal? Do you know which country each animal represents? (You can always google for help!) I gave you a few easy ones and some others that are pretty hard. I’ll give you the answers to this group next week when I bring you the next 10 national animals.

Have fun!

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17 Responses to Wildlife Wednesday: whose national animals are these? | Feb 12/20

  1. I was just proud of myself for knowing the okapi.

    • Jane Fritz says:

      Lol. I know exactly what you mean, Crystal. I saw one a few years ago for the first time in my life at some zoo – maybe in Animal Kingdom – and had no idea what it was. My very young grandson piped up, “Oh look, there’s an okapi!” Amazing. They must be found in … the Congo! 😊

  2. I definitely need to do some research. Though some are familiar.

  3. Had no idea the unicorn was Scotland’s. But having read all the reasons, I understand! Interesting post, Jane!

  4. K E Garland says:

    Some country’s animal is a unicorn??? I don’t know if they’re delusional or hopeful lol

  5. LA says:

    I need an answer sheet that has a blank space next to the animal….beaver…which has a whole lot of meanings….and I think there was a unicorn….but I don’t get about half

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