Top posts of 2018 – and top countries for readership

The last day of 2018. People are writing about the top news stories of 2018. About the top sports stories of 2018. The biggest tragedies of 2018. The most devastating weather events of 2018. And on it goes. This morning I noticed a number of bloggers sharing their blog’s top posts of 2018; interestingly, most frequently they seem to have chosen their top 7 blog posts. You won’t be surprised that, once I saw these reports, I decided to check mine out, too.

For those of you who don’t blog (and you really should give it a try), the platform host (WordPress in my case) provides all kinds of intriguing statistics if you choose to go looking for them. Once you find them, of course, you have to decide if they really tell you anything that is useful for fine-tuning your blog, but for useless information it can’t be beat.

Top 7 blog posts of 2018

Since 7 top posts seems to be de rigour, I’ll go with that. As it turns out, my top 5 posts this past year were all written prior to 2018, but I’m going to forego those for the purposes of this incredibly scientific study and report on the top posts that I wrote in 2018. Working backwards, we have:

#7. Losing my innocence at 70.

#6. If I had a million dollars … how about 60 million dollars?

#5. My home town makes national and international news, for the worst possible reason.

#4. Come From Away, Newfoundland, and walking the talk of kindness.

#3. Memories of working: timeless treasures from my office bulletin board.

#2. A tribute to my chosen country: Happy Canada Day, Canada!

And, ta da,

#1. Thinking about how people impact our lives.

What does this list tell me about what I choose to write about? Well, the most read post on the subject of running in 2018 comes in at #26, so I’m definitely writing about running for my own sake, not for the sake of anyone else. The most read post on the subject of writing for children in 2018 comes in at #73! Clearly, these two topics, which are two of the main topics I had in mind when I started blogging, are not huge draws. The biggest draw would appear to be reflections on life, especially when personal examples are involved. Travel does well as a topic, but the readership Robby Robin has attracted seems to gravitate predominately towards human interest stories and reflections thereon. Will I change up what I choose to write? Probably not. But I can see that if I had only blogged about writing for children, I might have become pretty depressed by now! 😉

Where do the readers live?

This is one of my favourite stats, the countries where blog hits come from. If you look in the right place, you can find those stats for every day, week, and year, and also for the lifetime of your blog. It’s fun to check it out every once in a while.

Here is Robby Robin’s map for 2018. It turns out people from 110 different countries have dropped by. That’s a lot of countries. I love it.

Just to add to the useless but fun stats, the top 10 countries for Robby Robin’s readership are:

  1. United States
  2. Canada
  3. Hong Kong
  4. India
  5. United Kingdom
  6. Jersey
  7. Australia
  8. South Africa
  9. Philippines
  10. Germany

After that, we have, in descending order of hits: Norway, Indonesia, New Zealand, Ireland, Netherlands, France, Singapore, Albania, Italy, Malaysia, Taiwan, UAE, Spain, Austria, Nepal, Brazil, Japan, Switzerland, Denmark, Columbia, Saudi Arabia, Bhutan, Thailand, Belgium, Argentina, Venezuela, Portugal, South Korea, Russia, Czech Republic, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Israel, Vietnam, Romania, Turkey, Kyrgyzstan, Finland, Egypt, Mexico, Lebanon, Mauritius, Sweden, Greece, Nicaragua, Cambodia, Poland, Bangladesh, China, Nigeria, Costa Rica, Barbados, Slovakia, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Chile, Serbia, Hungary, Jordan, Cameroon, Kenya, Ukraine, Peru, Morocco, Zambia, El Salvador, Bahamas, Malta, Ghana, Dominican Republic, Iraq, Trinidad and Tobago, EU (that’s what it says), Lithuania, Iceland, Curacao, Puerto Rico, Croatia, Namibia, Slovenia, Uruguay, Bermuda, Mongolia, Fiji, Belize, Moldova, Cote d’Ivoire, Oman, Mozambique, Montenegro, Haiti, Estonia, Vanuatu, Georgia, Bahrain, Honduras, Malawi, Bulgaria, Qatar.

Who could have imagined that one could reach people in some many parts of the world? How cool is that?! That’s the kind of thing that keeps you blogging. 🙂

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15 Responses to Top posts of 2018 – and top countries for readership

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  2. raastha says:

    Nice post……It’s really nice know how far you have reached out. Feel good factor.

  3. I find this kind of information fascinating in a head-sharing, who’d have thunk it kind of way. I do! So I am glad you shared it.
    I sometimes wonder who I am writing for and why, but not often enough about where they are. I found your country list remarkable.
    Also, the topics: it’s sometimes very unpredictable.
    One year, a post about creative complaining became a big hit — go figure— and every November-December, my post about my sister’s and Nigella Lawson’s Christmas cake recipes are suddenly a big draw again. I have learned to never use the term “garden-porn” in my tags or titles because of the kind of bloggers it attracted. They were not gardeners!

  4. Roy McCarthy says:

    Hurrah, Jersey 6th, Guernsey nowhere 🙂 My top six – USA, UK, Jersey, India, Australia, Canada. By far the most read post was from 2015,

    • Jane Fritz says:

      Aha, so there’s clearly a Jersey-Guernsey rivalry. Does it start with the cattle rivalry? I love the Jerseys!! OK, we had Scottish Highlands; I not only love them, too, but they don’t have to be milked (and they love cold weather). But otherwise …

      • Roy McCarthy says:

        English Civil War, Jersey took the side of the Royalists and Guernsey the Roundheads (Parliamentarians). It carries on only on the sports fields these days fortunately. Our Jersey cows are both the most beautiful and most productive 🙂

        • Jane Fritz says:

          Wow, fascinating. There’s obviously a lot of history I need to learn. Thanks for getting me started. As a lifelong fan of cows, I totally agree that Jerseys are the most beautiful!

  5. Here’s one more reader from a native of Oman but currently residing in India haha.
    Hope you had a lovely new year ❤.

  6. It IS mind-blowing to consider the number of places your words can reach. Here I am, in New York City, and my words have reached places as diverse as Pakistan, Senegal, and Jamaica. That’s wild.

  7. DM says:

    I still haven’t really wrapped my head around the thought that, I can sit here at my desk in the middle of nowhere, with a tap on my keyboard, release my personal thoughts onto the Internet for anyone with access to a computer to read, no matter where they are, and potentially have them live on, long after I am gone. I am glad our paths have crossed Jane via the blog-o-sphere. Cheers- DM

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