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A COVID kind of year-end

Usually this is the week when I review my success or lack thereof with my New Year’s resolutions from the past year and decide on my resolutions for the coming year. I’ve been doing this all my life; it didn’t … Continue reading

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When is an award not an award?

Answer to title: When the intended recipient decides to decline the award. This past week I was pleasantly surprised to be one of Brendan Birth’s nominees for the Outstanding Blogger Award. Pleasantly surprised, but I’m still going to say thank … Continue reading

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Top posts of 2019 – and top countries for readership

Here it is, the last day of the year – and of a turbulent decade – and along with all the reviews of news, sports, culture, and investing, there are lots of bloggers posting a look at their year in … Continue reading

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New Year’s reflections and resolutions, 2020 version

I seem to be getting quite a few hits on last year’s New Year’s reflections during these days leading up to the New Year, so I thought I’d better offer a more up-to-date version. How did I do with these … Continue reading

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Could you read a book from every country in one year?

That’s the task that British writer and blogger Ann Morgan set for herself back in 2012, inspired by the approaching 2012 London Olympics, to read a book from every country in a year. Just to be clear, that’s 196 books, … Continue reading

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A new project finally begins

A new project means different things to different people. It could mean starting a new woodworking project, a new writing project, a new painting, a new garden plot, or maybe a new venture altogether, like beekeeping. Whatever you feel passionate … Continue reading

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Runfession, a new word for me

OK, maybe it’s not a real word according to most dictionaries, but I like it. Thanks to Irma at her blog I Do Run (where she posts her poetry and plenty of other thoughts in addition to running) for introducing … Continue reading

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A couple of questions

Jo Robinson has got me thinking. She is one of the first bloggers I ever followed, some 7 years ago. She lives in South Africa (and was in rural Zimbabwe when I first encountered her in the blogosphere, which fascinated … Continue reading

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