From the personal blog of Canadian Senator Murray Sinclair, former Chair of Canada’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission, a poem that speaks to the pain felt as we face the failings of our justice system with respect to the acquittal of the farmer who killed Colten Boushie. Everyone should read this poem and reflect on the many inequities in our society. How do we, the “grassroots”, help effect change?

Mizana Gheezhik (Sen. Murray Sinclair)

Today I grieve for my country.
I grieve for a family
that has not yet seen justice
from the moment a handgunned farmer
(why does a farmer need such a gun?)
pulled the trigger and killed their son.
I grieve for a mother
who saw the police
raid her house
and treat her like a criminal
and not the victim she was.
I grieve for other mothers
with empty arms
who now think of their loss
at the hands of others.
and the lack of the answers
that haunt them still.
I grieve for the youth
who now see no hope,
and whose hunger for justice
gives rise to an anger
that more and more turns
from a dangling rope
to a violence directed at them.
I grieve for the children
whose lives have embraced
an unwanted, dangerous, jeopardy.
I grieve for the elders
who’ve seen this before.
And whose…

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