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Map Monday: The Vikings would like to dispute Russia’s claim on Ukraine

It’s been some time since my last Map Monday, one of my favourite excuses for meandering the Internet for map discoveries.  I’ve been wanting to do a map post on the Vikings for some time, but never did I expect … Continue reading

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Map Monday: Who was sailing the oceans long before the Europeans?

Last week’s Map Monday looked at world empires through the ages, several of which predates the European era of exploration and conquest that started with Christopher Columbus. But that post didn’t include some impressive early ambitious explorations by sea. Let’s … Continue reading

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Greenland – a gigantic ice sheet with a fringe of green

Our visit to Greenland was similar to Bolivia and the Falkland Islands in that it wasn’t our main reason for taking the trip (in this case to the Canadian High Arctic) and we had absolutely no expectations. And yet, as … Continue reading

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