Happy Father’s Day to all you fathers, the most important job you’ll ever have

I have been blessed. My family has been the beneficiary of lots of wonderful fathers. The importance of having a father whose love is unconditional cannot be overstated. I had such a father. Not for nearly long enough, but long enough for me to know I was lucky to have had him as my Dad. My Dad died 53 years ago, when he was 53. Wow, that’s a sobering thought. But it also reminds me that one’s influence lasts forever. As all of us who have lost loved ones know, they are always with us. I count myself among the lucky ones in the Father department.

One thing my older son taught me early on is that a young son may be joined at the hip with his Mom, and may shower her with heart-melting smiles and giggles (from time to time), but he looks to his Dad for his role model. I have to admit that I found this slightly devastating when it started becoming obvious to me when he was about 20 months old, but I eventually came to appreciate – reluctantly – that even at that very young age he saw his role in the world, and it wasn’t being a mother!

My husband has been a wonderful, hands-on father right from the beginning. And the best proof of his success is found in watching how well he prepared his sons to be the extraordinary fathers they are. It is an absolute joy to watch them in action, teaching their kids about life through reading, playing, exploring the mysteries of nature, and, of course, basketball!

Some fathers are good at some things and some are good at others. It doesn’t really matter; your kids just need your approval. Some fathers are good at fixing things and making things (definitely not my Dad’s strong suit), others are good at helping with homework, teaching you how to ride a bike, how to fish or swim, or how to shoot hoops or get the puck in the net. Whatever it is, whatever you’ve shared, take it from someone whose memories go back 53 years, your kids don’t forget!

I’m including these generational pictures from my own albums in the hopes that they might remind you of happy times with your own Dads – and your own kids.

To all fathers out there, thank you, thank you, thank you! Happy Father’s Day, one and all.

My Dad and me (oh, yeah, and my new brother)

My Dad and me 2 years before he died

My husband with our beautiful boys, a few years ago!

Older son sharing quality time with his boys

Younger son sharing a teaching and learning moment with his kids

Three of the best Dads ever! ❤

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9 Responses to Happy Father’s Day to all you fathers, the most important job you’ll ever have

  1. Beautiful, Jane, and thought-provoking too.

  2. Jill davies says:

    Thanks for your memories Jane, I shared this with my son who became a dad on April 1 to a son born 8 weeks early….He has already proven himself a great dad to little Emmett who is now 9 pounds and thriving.

    • Jane Fritz says:

      Oh my gosh, Jill, what an exciting time. A brand new little grandson doing well, and your son celebrating his first Father’s Day. Congratulations all around! Life’s most special moments. 😊

  3. DM says:

    Love the pictures! Love the post! We are celebrating Father’s day this year by seeing all 4 of our kids and the grand kids coming home on the same weekend. With two new babies in the mix it is a feat to have everyone here @ the same time.

  4. alesiablogs says:

    Enjoy your weekend!

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