More facts about the world – in 5 more easy maps

Let’s see what world curiosities we can explore on this week’s Map Monday.

World’s top tourist destinations according to money spent.

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Life expectancy in each country.

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Median age in each country. There’s no doubt that, just as the industrialized countries typically have a higher life expectancy, their median age is older, and getting older still.

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Median wealth per adult in each country, 2019. This one has some surprises in it, or at least it did for me. One thing to keep in mind that this is median wealth per adult in each country, not average (mean) wealth and not average income. So presumably this includes assets (home ownership, etc.) minus debts (mortgages, etc.). And, to be clear, a median is calculated by listing all values in order, from lowest to highest (or vice versa!) and then taking the middle value. So the billionaires are lined up with the poorest of the poor and all of us somewhere in between, and the value at the midpoint is the median. I would suggest that the difference between the darkest green and the next dark green in the industrialized countries may be a reflection of wealth distribution. The very wealthiest countries may have more of the very richest but also more of the poorest, which will shift the median. Interesting.

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Healthcare models around the world. This map shows that most of the world, in green, embraces the concept of universal healthcare, which is rejected in the United States as being “socialism”. Sorry, folks, but that’s a mystery to the rest of us.

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I wonder if I can find any more fun facts about our world for another Map Monday!

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6 Responses to More facts about the world – in 5 more easy maps

  1. Paulie says:

    Ironic yet appropriate that the United States is shown in red (the traditional GOP color) on the healthcare map. 😥

    • Jane Fritz says:

      Lol. Excellent observation. I hadn’t thought of that. Canada’s political colors are exactly the opposite – Liberals are red and Cons are blue – so I always have to think hard to interpret US political maps based on red/blue. But I love your observation, Paulie!

  2. Roy McCarthy says:

    Surreal seeing Russia, and indeed Canada, shrink to nothingness on the tourism map.

    • Jane Fritz says:

      It is fascinating to see where people want to visit, isn’t it. Actually, Canada was doing pretty well: 10% of the tourist $s of the US and we have 10% the population and only a few months when most people would want to visit. I was amazed at how many tourists visit the Gulf states. It’s fun to look at this stuff.

  3. I have no idea how you find the time to research all of this! My stuff requires no research, just experiences.

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