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I’m pro-choice because I’m pro-life — Doubting Believer

If people genuinely wish to live in a society that is truly pro-life, then promoting laws and programs that provide adequate support systems for those who are alive (quality public education for all, affordable and accessible health care, parental leave, … Continue reading

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Pondering my golden years — from the blog Where on Earth is Francine?

This enjoyable blog post by Francine Sullivan might more appropriately be called “Pondering my pre-golden years”, since I think of the golden years as being, well, let’s say older than Francine.  However, if you’re pondering your retirement years, I hope … Continue reading

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Walls or Bridges? — the circle of life

This story – or parable – about a very wise carpenter is worth sharing. Food for thought. Thanks to I used to tell a story in my days working in libraries with kids, and its been on my mind … Continue reading

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A Message For All Women — Eclipsed Words from Aishwarya Shah

This message from Eclipsed Words is worth sharing with all women who relate to (at least occasional) concerns about lack of self-confidence – that’s about 99% of us.  There’s some very good advice in what Aishwarya suggests. If either of … Continue reading

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A View On Borders, And The Migrants Between Them — The Out And Abouter

Not only can Paul Duncan write superb satire at his blog The Out and Abouter, it turns out that he can also defend the desirability for humane immigration policies in a most compelling narrative. I share these values and the … Continue reading

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All Guns In US Recalled After One Found Covered In Romaine Lettuce — The Out And Abouter

More brilliant satire from Out and Abouter! “We just can’t be too careful when it comes to the possible risk of E. coli contamination,” said the head of the CDC, Ned Sanders, speaking to reporters shortly after his agency informed … Continue reading

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Trump Announces Charity Run To End The Accidental Torture And Dismemberment Of Journalists — from The Out And Abouter

Reblogging yet another required-reading satirical piece from the redoubtable Out and Abouter.  Laughter’s always a good counter to despair or rage. In the latest sign that U.S. President Donald Trump is taking the tape-recorded killing of writer Jamal Khashoggi as … Continue reading

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