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Yes, New Brunswick deserves its own day!

Few people outside the small eastern Canadian province of New Brunswick will know that today is New Brunswick Day. Even fewer will care! In fact, there is nothing historically significant about today – or the first Monday in August – … Continue reading

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Rivers, floods, and the rhythm of spring

Earlier today, I joined the throngs of fellow citizens of our fair city out walking and biking in the spring sunshine. A leisurely stroll or ride along the river and around downtown is always enjoyable on a sunny Sunday, but … Continue reading

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Self-discipline and negative splits

Yesterday was yet another unseasonably cold and windy day for the second part of April, even in eastern Canada, but the sun was sparkling on the blue water of the swollen river and the grass was greening pretty well under … Continue reading

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Celebrating spring in the northeast: a pictorial essay

The ice is out of the river, the sun has been shining for three days, and today the entire world has been out enjoying the fine day.  Thanks be to God, to Mother Nature, and to anyone else who might be … Continue reading

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A unicorn’s potluck picnic – an offering for National Poetry Month!

Thanks to having entered the world of the blogosphere, I have been made aware of the fact that April is National Poetry Month, both in the U.S. and Canada. Where have I been for the past 16 years?  I never … Continue reading

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Hockey championships and rites of spring

Although Canada’s self-proclaimed national newspaper, The Globe and Mail, does not seem to be aware of it, Canada’s University Cup tournament for men’s hockey – Canada’s national sport – is taking place this week.  In fact, it is being hosted … Continue reading

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St. Patrick’s Day, NYC, and running

Our annual St. Patrick’s Day snow, which came a few days early this year, has been dealt a mighty blow by our very own St. Patrick’s Day miracle.  Yesterday marked the first of what is supposed to be a week … Continue reading

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